Updates: What have I been up to?

Hello lovelies!
Have you missed my face and my blog posts?
I hope so! (but its okay if you didnt ;;;)

I am posting a blog post today to let you guys know what I have been up to (as you can tell by the title)
Well first of all, let me tell you guys....

and you know what that means..
are you guys as excited as I am? lol;;;
I have bought a couple of things in the past months I want to share with you guysssss
so stay tuned!

Moving on....
Most of my time have been with Mr. Boyfriend


And if I'm not doing that I'm shopping

And last of all...

doodling at work

Well I guess that's enough updates on what I have been up to
I promise to do some reviews soon!
Happy New Year! 
Much Love <3

Update: Okay, So I lied

Hello lovelies!
Sorry I lied in my last post
that I posted like months ago T_T;;;

I don't know if I mentioned but I did get a new job
And my boyfriend moved up here in Virginia to be closer to me (d'awwww)
So most of the time I had making blog posts has gone to spending some with my boyfriend and working.

This is a quick update to let you guys know I am not dead lol
I do have reviews I want to put up asap
But sadly, my home computer is busted and I can't blog for a while.
I'm trying my best to save up for a good laptop
Once I get that, I will be blogging a lot more (or at least once a week is my goal)

Please look forward to it!
I really do apologize for the lack of updates!

Updates: College!

Hello lovelies!
I am officially a college student now.
It's just a small community college near me because I can't afford any other schools T-T

Well anyways,You guys would think that I wouldn't have the time to blog and such but it's actually the complete opposite!
I have a ton of free time on my hands so far on campus after my classes so hopefully I get to read blogs and update mine more often.

I do have a few more product reviews for you guys soon so please look forward to that!
Much Love <3

Hair Care: Shiseido Tsubaki Water Review

Hello lovelies!
I am here today with a hair product review :)
I have been meaning to do this review for the longest time.

I bought this at a beauty store near me for $10.00 and I also found it online here with detailed information about this product.

So lets see what this product claims to do:
Tsubaki leave-in type hair treatment water cares for dry, damaged hair. Contains unique non-greasy Camellia oil to keep hair smooth and silky without weighing down. Protects against daily UV-rays. Refreshing Camellia green scent. 
And the directions:
From 5-10cm apart from hair, spray on hair until it is moist and hand-comb or brush your hair. Blow dry your hair to finish off. 
Now, on my bottle it said to spray it into my hair and wash it off.
When I first got the product, I would spray it in my hair and blow dry it.
I feel like either way works, its just that if you leave it in, its a little more effective (well no duh.)

I don't really have before and after pictures so you are going to take my word for it when I say it seriously works.
I bought this when my hair was still crazy and curly
My hair was all over the place and felt really dry even though my hair wasn't all that damaged (minus the dyed part which you can see in the picture above).
When I used this every other day after a shower, my hair was shinier, softer and well, "bouncier" 


I have been using this product for a while now. Maybe a few months and I love it. The only down side of this is that my hair does get a little oily faster. And you don't need a whole lot of this, trust me. When it sprays it sprays a lot and covers a lot (I hope that made sense...). You really only need 2-3 sprays of this and you are good to go :)
I haven't tried this on fully dry hair, only on damp hair. I feel like it might get too oily for me if I used it on dry hair.

Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?:
Keep hair smooth and silky without weighing down: ✔+ My hair looks and feel beautiful and it really doesn't weigh my hair down.

  • Really easy to use
  • Nice scent (I have read reviews on this and you either love the scent or hate it. It kinda smells like the salon and I don't mind it at all)
  • Gets my hair super soft and shiny 

  • My hair does tend to a bit oily faster than it usually does (Probably the only reason why I gave a 4/5 stars because oily hair = oilier face = break outs)

Would I buy it again?/Price:
I love this product and it was only $10.00. I would definitely buy this again :)

  • Don't over spray!
  • I wouldn't use it daily... Too much of the good thing can be bad you know! (this includes the bullet point above)

I hope this review was helpful and I hope you guys get to try it and love it as much as I do :)
Do you guys have any products you want me to try out and review? Let me know!

Much Love <3

Personal: Making cookies :)

Hello lovelies!
The other day, my sisters and I made some chocolate chip cookies
This is just a post for me to upload all my selcas and such haha so you'll be seeing alot of me in this post :P

Preparing the ingredients~

mix mix mix!

Doesn't that look yummy? *A*

hehe selca-ing while we wait for the cookies >3<

With Jay too~

finished cookies!!! Yummy <3
Do you guys like chocolate chip cookies?

Sorry for the spam of pictures!
I hope it wasn't too much for you guys >3<

I will be doing a couple of review posts soon so I hope you look forward to them!

Much love <3

Makeup Review: Etude House BB Magic Pact

Hello lovelies! As promised, here is the Etude House BB Magic Pact!

Wow I haven't done a review post in so long... >A<

Anyways, I went on their website to see what the company has to say.
I couldnt find this product but this is what it says on the back of the box:
Pressed powder compact absorbs oil and supplies long lasting coverage with smooth, moist finish for a natural look. This product is free of oil, talc and wax for sensitive skin.

It comes in Light Beige and Natural Beige.
I got the Natural Beige because I did get a little tan with a couple of trips to the pool and I knew the light beige was going to be way too light for me.

Anyways, silly me, I just put this power on my face without foundation when I was suppose to.
But there is a really light hint of a scent. I really like it. It smells fresh :)

But I really liked the light coverage it gave me. If I wore a light BB cream with it, it probably would have been perfect.

So as I promised, I have come back. I put my BB cream on and then the power over it

The power does give me a nice finish but if you look up close, you can see my not very pretty dry patches.
I left it on for about 6 hours and about 2-3 hours in, I could feel my face getting oily.
I checked my face and it didn't look oily and the dry patches were not as noticeable.


I really like this so far. I'm really trying to minimize the things I have in my makeup bag I carry around and this might be replacing the press power I have now. I really like the packaging and the hint of that scent. If It keeps me oil free the whole day, I will come back and give this 5/5 stars :)
I really do like this product but it doesn't keep me oil free all day and makes my dry patches very noticeable up close

Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?:
long lasting coverage: I kept this on for about 6 hours and it stayed and didn't make my face feel heavy or oily.
smooth, moist finish for a natural look: ✔-?  I don't think it was a "moist" finish but like I said, no foundation underneath so I'll have to try this again with it and update this review. 

it still wasn't a "moist" and "smooth" finish with the bb cream under the powder. There were dry patches but I did like the finish of the look from a few steps away from the mirror.

The finish is beautiful if you are not so close up. The packaging its beautiful and I love the scent

Obviously the fact that it does make my dry patches noticeable and how it doesn't keep me oil free all day

Would I buy it again?/Price:
Well it was about $15.oo on ebay (including shipping). I don't think I would buy it again just because the press power I have is like $6.oo and it seriously keeps me oil free all day. 

If you guys have the money give it a try and let me know how it suits you. I don't remember the name of the press powder I have because I don't have my makeup bag near me to check lol. But anyways if you guys do get this, a little bit goes a long way! Trust me! you don't need to pack a whole bunch on the applicator to see a difference.

This was a really quick and rushed review and I apologize >A<
I promise I'll tweak it in a few days after trying the product some more but i hope this gave you guys the general idea about the product.

Thanks for reading!
Much love <3

Personal: New Wallet!

Hello lovelies!
I bought a new wallet for myself a few weeks ago on ebay and it finally came in the mail today!

I love it!
If you guys are interested, you can find this wallet here

Anyways I was cleaning out my old wallet and I found a bunch of receipt and two movie tickets.
I think I'm going to start collecting movie tickets :P

And my sticker pictures!

I ended up laminating all of them today cuz I don't have a pocket anymore for all of them.
It has to be sturdy to just throw it in my wallet like that lol

The weather today was really bipolar.
It rained/hailed super hard for 10 minutes and went away. 
See for yourself...

It got super sunny and pretty :)
Well sorry for the random post. I just got excited when my wallet came in the mail
I'll be doing the review post soon on the BB pact so please look forward to that!

Much love <3

Hair Update: Straight magic perm

Hello lovelies!
Notice anything different?
Well if you have been reading my blog for a while, you guys know that I have uncontrollable thick wavy hair.
So, if you guys haven't figured out from the title yet....

I got myself a straight magic perm! 
Omg look at my tamed hair.
So beautiful LOL

Anyways, this was done last week and I never got to spam you guys with photos
So here it is now~

My mom found a nice salon to get my perm done and let me say they really did a good job
And if you guys know me, you know how picky I am when it comes to people touching and styling my hair.

Fun fun fun
I hope you guys had fun looking at my face LOL

This is suppose to last up to a year so I'm getting my time and money worth (200$ and 7 hours of my life)
The only annoying thing right now is that my bangs don't cooperate with me so I'm waiting for it to grow out so I can style it the way I want.

I do kinda miss my crazy hair but this perm made my life so much easier.
What do you guys think?
Does it suit me?

Much love <3

Update: Layout tweaks

I was kinda getting tired of my old layout and so I tweaked it a little.
What do you guys think? :)

Sneak peak: Etude House BB Magic Pact

I got this in the mail a few days ago! I can't wait to try it out and review it :)

Outfit of the day o7.17.12

Hello my lovely readers~
Know what's really sad? I'm still taking all my pictures on my cellphone....
I seriously need to get a new camera asap so I have better looking photos

But anyways with that said, I didn't take much pictures of my outfit.

It was just something casual to throw on for lunch which is exactly what I did
My friend and I went out for sushi that day :)

My makeup looked pretty nice and clean but you can't tell at all from this picture which is sad :(
My makeup looks nice in real life but of course, the camera hates me lol

Anyways, I told you guys this was gonna be quick.
I'll try to have more pictures next time! I can't promise better looking pictures cuz I don't have a camera to do that with :(

Much love <3

What has been happening and what to expect

Hello lovely readers!
If you guys have read my previous post, you guys know I have a lot to blog about
So let me start you guys off with ranting about how I got "laid off"

I don't remember making a blog post about my job, but I probably did way back when or briefly mentioned it in posts
Anyways, I was a waitress at a hibachi place and boy let me tell you, it was hard.

I got the hang of it super quick though so that was cool. I got along with everyone too, including my boss.
Lately, since it is super hot out and everything, business has been super slow.
This meant that tips were bad and my boss was getting a little cranky, to say the least.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, my left ankle started hurting out of nowhere. I looked up the symptoms and it looked like it was because I was pushing myself a little too much when running. 
I had work that day too but not being able to walk when you are a waitress.... well... you can't really do your job

So I called in sick and my boss sounded really pissed off. I guess she thought I was lying or something.
I apologized and she hung up the phone.

5 minutes later she called back saying that she can't give me any more hours and not to come to work anymore.....


yeah wtf.

It was so out of the blue! And this was the first time I called in sick for work.

Well it's in the past now and I'm looking for a new job.
I really want one so I can pamper myself a bit.
But for now, I've been watching how much I spend and being super stingy and cheap lol

Anyways, now that my rant is over, I want to tell you guys I cut my bangs yesterday! 


It's not a big difference. No one has noticed lol

So now what posts to expect:
  1. Lioele BB pact review
  2. Sana pore putty review
  3. Tarte eyelash curler and mascara review
  4. Shiseido Tsubaki hair mist review
  5. More personal posts/updates
  6. Maybe more outfit of the day posts?
  7. Updated everyday makeup routine
  8. Maybe a collective haul post
Not particularly in that order.
Any other suggestions? Products I should try out? Let me know!

Much love <3
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