Personal: Adventures with Ava and journey to Lil Thingamajigs

On Sunday, I decided to not do my homework and hang out with my friend Ava!

LOL I don't think she'll be very happy that I posted that picture...
We didn't take a decent picture because she kept making faces. Sigh LOL;

We went to the thrift store first. I ended up buying an oversized sweater and a nice blouse button up thing.
Ava didn't buy anything ): that butthole.
Then we went over to Shilla Bakery where we awkwardly walked passed Five Guys (AMAZING FOOODDDD) where Ava's geometry teacher was on a date.
Even more awkward... My friend Hooin came out of Five Guys and said hi to us... Then shook our hands... That weirdo LOL
After all the awkwardness, we went to Shilla and ate samples and such.
We didn't spend much time there because I wanted to go to Thingamajig!

Ahh the Asian goodies that are over priced LOL;

Sticker picture!

I "bought" falsies!
They give me double eyelids on one eye but not the other because there is too much fat on my lid LOL;
I want to wear them to school but they look so dramatic... I think I will anyways tomorrow :D

I also bought a pencil and some lead. Today, I bought a pencil case when I followed my sister there when she was buying her friend a present

She bought her friend a JYJ poster thing that included 10 posters.
So my sister let me steal one so I can drool over Jaejoong all day LOL <3

My youngest sister got this pillow thing...
LOL my Dog looked so cute walking around with this thing around her neck.

Anyways... back to what happened Sunday

After we spent a good amount of time at thingamajigs, we went to grandmart so Ava can have her ddukboki.
We just sat around and talked about our lives lolol
We decided to go for starbucks and as we waited for our ride back home.

Yup. That's pretty much it LOL
I need to go practice putting on my lashes because I suck at putting them on.
Any tips?

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