DIY: Nordic Patterned Box

Hello everyone!
So last Christmas, I decorated some mugs for three of my friends and I LOVED doing it.

I really liked making the nordic pattern one (the one on the far left), and if you know me, I am OBSESSED with Nordic patterns.
I don't know why. They are like pretty but not pretty... LOL;

So anyways, I had this box from this english project I had to do.
It just sat on my desk holding my loose change and such.
It's like my piggy bank I guess.
I really got tired of the dull and boring box so I decided to personalized it.
I wish I took a picture of how dull it looked ):
But it was one of the cheap wooden boxes you find at your local craft store for like $5

So first I just painted the whole box white with acrylic paint.
I had to do a few layers because I had written all over it.

Now that it's all nicely coated in white, it gives me a clean base to do my design

Now here you can see that i just used the same pattern I did on my mug ( I know I'm not the most creative person).
I didn't use acrylic paint here though.
Because I had porcelain paint left from painting the mugs, I just used that.
In case you are wondering, I used the OUTLINE paint, not just the.. paint paint.
You'll know what I mean if you go to your craft store or google it.
What this does is give it a texture of puffy paint.
I recommend using puffy paint... but I just used what I had around the house.

Continuing with my box, I added a moose thing on the top!
I'm just finishing up my boarders and....

all done and I'm super happy with the results.
My boyfriend says that it matches my tights

Haha I guess it does :P
Now I can store my money in stylleee... I guess haha!
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