Personal: Meet my babies! A quick intro :)

Hello everyone!
If you guys know me in real life, you guys know that I have 2 adorable dogs.
A Miniature Schnauzer who is a 12 year old female and a Cocker Spaniel who is a 3 year old female.

I usually camwhore alot with Jay (the Spaniel) because she is an attention whore so I have more chances of taking picture with her

Excuse the picture quality. I took this today with my ipod.
But that aside...
She is so cute.

I took this picture a while back and never got to upload it anywhere

Again, my images arn't that great but you'll be seeing them a lot so no worries!
I don't have a pic of Nari (the Schnauzer) by herself or with me....
I don't know why but I never really have the chance to cam whore with her.
Probably because she is old and doesn't really move around the house often.

Don't they look like Lady and the Tramp?
That's what a lot of my friends say when they see them haha!
and we didn't even plan this out :P
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