Nail care: Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Hardener overview

My nails are really dry and brittle and I don't know where I got that from.
Both my parents have shiny and strong nails.
I'm guessing I did too before I really got into nail art.

I've been growing them out with no nail art on them for about a month now.

Except they do keep breaking.... on both hands....

So yeah... they are pretty ugly to look at without anything on.
I should keep them natural and grow them out but I'm so scared of them just falling off...
Then again they are already breaking so what's the problem right?
I don't know....

I just went ahead and put on a hardener anyways

See how much shinier they got?
Nice and glossy ;)

I used Sally Hansen's HARD as NAILS Hardener

I'm not sure if I like this or not.
So here is my quick overview:
When I first used this, my nails chipped like crazy.
Like the layer of my nail was like peeling. I know it sounds gross but do you guys know what I mean?
But after all that peeling, it did stop.
When I did put nail polish on top, it stayed on forever even without a topcoat.
Now this could be the different brand of nail polish i used over it. I'm not too sure.
As for actually HARDENING my nails... I'm not sure if its doing the job.
If it is on my nails, it does seem like its doing its job.
Being the klutz I am, I have a tendency to hit my nail on something hard like the wall or the desk.
Usually my nail breaks there... but with this, it seems like my nail can handle that a few times before it decides to break on me.

When I take it off with my nail polish remover... It is back to its ugly and brittle self.

I had this other hardener by Sally Hansen that was formulated with green tea.
I don't remember the name of it because I threw it away.
I LOVED that one.
It protected my nails when I had it on, and my nails did seem significantly stronger without it on.
My nails grew really long using the one formulated with green tea because it didn't break as often.

I'm still trying to grow them out...
I'm debating on cutting all of it off and regrowing without putting anything on...
But I HATE short stubby nails.
Ahh...... Why must i have ugly nails. T-T

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