Outfit and Makeup of the Day o1.24.12

Helloooooo everyone.
Today was pretty warm compared to what the weather has been lately
But it has been super super fogy in the morning.
Anyways, it was warm enough for me to throw on a skirt so I did :)

I still wore a jacket over my outfit just in case because I get cold super easily T_T;

Basically its just the oversized sweater i bought at the thrift shop, over a pink chiffon button up shirt, over a close to nude pink tank top.
For the bottom its just a lacy skirt I bought at a shopping center near Hanaro
I finished it off with a knee high socks and my brown oxfords.
I would've taken a picture of the FULL outfit but I'm not allowed to wear shoes inside (being the Asian I am ohohoho)

To match my outfit, I did a slight wing with shimmery pink eye shadow on the bottom
I'm not sure if you guys can see the pink though >.>;
Also, as you can see, used my flasies :D
I didn't coat the bottom lashes to make it look nice a clean

Yup that's it.
On a side note, I was thinking about changing my blog layout.
Should I? I'm not sure because I'm getting sick of my layout already but changing it takes me hours and hours because I am pretty indecisive.
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