Outfit of the day o1.27.12

Whats uupppp
It's really warm today.
Actually it's been warming up this whole week.
I kinda like it because I can wear my shorts and skirts but I don't like it because it only snowed once this year >.>
I want a huge snow storm so I and miss school >3<

Anyways... onto my OOTD

I wore my forever 21 dress with a cardigan and knee high socks <3
oh and a scarf. I was debating on scarf or necklace... Since I was running a little late this morning and couldn't find my necklace, I went with the scarf.

Since I was camwhoring already with my outfit, I took a picture with Nari.
Don't mind my awkward face LOL

And here is me, not so awkward but still camwhoring face lol.
If you guys have noticed.... i only have double eyelid on one side.. Thats because of my false lashes.
I'm pretty sure i mentioned this in other posts about how i have too much fat on one of the lids?
I'm about to go buy eyelid tape so it evens out :P

Oh! and a quick update on my life, me and my younger sister decided that we are going to do dance covers on our free time haha!
I wonder how that will turn out :P
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