Skin Care Review: Philosophy Skin Care

Just a heads up... This is going to be very picture heavy and long!

Hello everyone~!
I've been wanted to do this review for a while now.
I've been using all the products since Christmas and I gotta say, so far so good.

First I want to tell you guys what type of skin I have.
I have acne prone, sensitive and combination skin.
I get oily in my t-zone, and usually dry on my cheeks. Sometimes, it's vice-versa.
I Tend to break out the most on my cheeks. One in a while I'll breakout on my forehead.
I really dislike my skin because it's so hard to deal with and since it is hard to deal with, not a lot of products work on my skin.
Keep this in mind as you go through the review :)

My mom got a whole set of Philosophy stuff but since it smells AWFUL, I'm the only one using it.
What the set came with was a facial wash, exfoliating wash, moisturizer, and a micro peel thing.
Anyways, lets get started!

Okay, first up is the one-step facial cleanser called "purity"

The consistency is very milky but you don't need a lot to cover you're whole face.
I prefer something more foamy, but it does it's job well.
This also is the least bad smelling of all the products minus the micro-peel. 

So, what this product claims is that it 
"replaces your makeup remover, eye makeup remover, facial cleanser and toner, deep cleans pores, hydrates as it melts away makeup"
In my experience so far, it does not replace your eye makeup remover. I have to say, it does do a good job getting rid of my BB cream on my face but the eye makeup never goes away. It could be because I wear waterproof eye makeup due to my monolids. As for deep cleaning, hydrating, and the toner claim, I think it does the job. After I wash my face, my face feels amazingly soft and supple. This is a big up for me because my face usually gets dry after I wash my face. So the fact that I don't have to use a toner to get that supple feeling is amazing.

As for Cons (since I basically went over the pros) I can think of right now is the smell.
It smells awful. 
I don't even know how to describe it....

Would I purchase again?
Well.... Probably not. Not only is Philosophy Skin care stuff super expensive, it smells terrible. It does do an amazing job but not enough for me to look over the smell. I mean you would think for something so expensive, they would at least do something about the smell >.>
If they sell things that are not scented, I would buy more Philosophy things.

Next is the exfoliating wash.
It doesn't claim anything so sadly, I cannot troll on them LOL.
I use this every now and then at night instead of using the facial wash.
For me it feels very gel like until you rub it around.
And whatever is in there is really "micro" and you can hardly feel them on your face.

Pros: I face feels nice, clean, and radiant after use.
Cons: Smells AWFUL. Worse than the facial wash. My face is dry after use ):
Would I buy it again?: Nope. I rather get the micro peel thing which I will mention later in this post.

Now is the hope in a jar's moisturizer.
Once again, doesn't have the "claims" other than the fact that it's for all skin types.
It has a very very creamy and rich consistency. It feels like whipped cream (maybe a little heavier than whipped cream..) on you're face until you rub it in. When you rub it in, it feels like butter.

Pros: I LOVE the consistency and it moisturizes so well! It really is amazing.. You have to try it to believe the awesomeness of this moisturizer. Not only that, a small amount goes a long way. When I use it at night and wake up the next morning, my face feels as soft as a baby's butt. Can you imagine that? Smooth as a baby's butt on an acne prone skin? It's AMAZING!
Cons: Can you guess? Yes, the smell. I hate the smell. When you put it on your face, you can smell the thing. It's awful. But honestly, It does such an amazing job that I can over look the smell :)
Would I buy it again?: Most definitely! It's so worth the money.

Woo! These are the last products I'm going to talk about.
Thanks for sticking with me guys!

Okay, this is a two step process.
First you put this yellow thing on your face then, using the small tube, put the product over the yellow stuff.
The yellow stuff kinda feels like a thick lemon scrub and smells like lemon zest :) Finally, a product I don't mind smelling.

Then it gets all foamy and stuff! It's pretty cool :)
When it is on your face, it does feel a little warm as it turns foamy.
It's no biggie on my skin and it warns you on the back of the product.
In order to get the foamy consistency, you do have to put a generous amount of both products.

Pros: The yellow thing smells pretty good. Like I said earlier, it does smell like lemon zest. This really gets rid of the dead skin on your face, leaving your skin radiant.
Cons: Oh goodness... The product in the tubes... smells the worst out of the whole products I used. It makes me cringe before I even open it because I know it smells terrible. Not only that, I can't get the foamy consistency on my face unless I do use a generous amount.
Would I buy again?: Probably not with my own money LOL. I really like this stuff but I can live with using St. Ives' cheap but working (And nice smelling!) products

Wow that was a lot of crap I talked about @-@
Have you guys tried philosophy products? If so do you recommend anything for me?
Thanks for reading guys ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
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