Personal: Snow!!

It finally snowed yesterday night!

but now its all dirty ): It was really pretty yesterday.
With that aside, I just wanted to shower your eyes with pictures
I took a lot over 2 days... so I just wanted to share a few before I go off to do my homework. Sigh.

This was Friday on my way to school and my eye makeup that day.
If you click on the picture of my eye, it moves :D
Stupid blogger doesn't do gif pictures on posts I guess...
Unless there is a way and I don't know about it...? If so let me know!

I also took a polaroid picture with my friend Tessie on Friday.
I ended up looking totally awkward and chinky ;;

As for today, I woke up at 12pm ;;;
This is what I wear in the house. :) or when I'm lazy, basketball shorts and a tanktop.
I love these leggings! I want to wear then with a simple t-shirt to school but i feel like my butt is too naked >.>;;; So I never do unless I wear like a skirt or shorts over it.

I also did my nails today!
Ironically, on Monday we are learning about UK in comparative class.
Lol;; I noticed right after I finished doing them :P
I was going to do a tutorial on this but i got too lazy >.>;;;
If you guys want one just let me know and I'll get to it sometime... LOL;

Well that's it really. I need to do my homework now. Sigh.

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