Personal: Update on my not so exciting life #o2

I know that in my previous post that I said I would tell you guys what is making me so happy.
But I wanted to do another update on my life including a little personal crap.
I think I will do this every now and then considering I have blocked my tumblr of all personal thoughts.

So for this update, I want to make a small note to myself on how much I improved emotionally and mentally over the years.
Feel free to completely ignore this post because it will not be picture filled (maybe a little...) nor be any what entertaining to read.
With that aside, let's start.

I always hated social interactions.
I thought I liked them, and I thought if i kept at it, I'll eventually like it.
I don't.
I hate the little chit chats about nothing.
It's so pointless.
Since it's pointless, I don't speak much about anything because nothing really that important to talk about.

At the same time I was jealous of those who could actually speak freely about whatever and hold a conversation.
Or those really outgoing people who can say and do anything and people love them.

I am still like this today.
I usually don't speak my mind... or rather, I'm happy with my idle thoughts where there is no one to judge you for saying silly things.
But the fact that I interact more with people on Facebook means I am improving.
I know this sounds silly but Facebook is the king of stupid chit chats that doesn't matter.
The fact that I can just comment or like something instinctively instead of sitting and contemplation about what the person is going to say to means that I have come to care less about what others think about me.
Which is really good.

Not only that, I have been happier.... or rather... less depressing.
I like to think I am happier in general. Or is it just love?
I feel content with what life is throwing at me right now.
I mean, I have been getting bad grades in school and such, but I'm not stressing over it.
Which is also good.

With all that aside, I have gained a follower! ohmygoodnesssthisisexciting!
Sorry... I'm such a loser.
I have been keeping up with my K-pop app on Facebook as you can see:

And in case you have missed my face... here it is!

I do realize I don't look very attractive here... I'm like staring you guys down.
I cut my bangs and I wanted to share.

Not only that... I have gotten into Dungeon Fighter lately.
Sigh. No screencap because it's 12 and I'm tired.
Good night!
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