Personal: Update on my not so exciting life.

So I haven't updated in a while because I wasn't so sure on what to blog about.
I mean, I just turned legal and I still don't have a license or a car.
What can I really do?
Nothing really... But I did play persona 3 for psp

I'm a huge persona fan.
Within 3 days, I already played 21hours of this!
It was mostly grinding though >.>;
and of course, building social links. Especially Akihiko's :3

Oh how I love you *A*
Then I painted my nails a nice pretty, pale, pink color

Sigh. My ugly uneven nails T_T
I haven't been creative on nail designs either.
Geeze what am I doing with my life.

And just recently, I have came across this app on facebook called K-Pop Idol.
I don't know, it's like a mindless game I have on when I'm doing homework.
It's really cute though!

More importantly, something wonderful has happened to me.
So wonderful that I see the world so beautifully now.
Hopefully it's not just a phase :P
What is it you ask? Well that will be saved for a whole new post later on this week.
I need to get all them pictures LOL.

Can you guys guess what happened to me that made me like this?
What have you guys been doing lately?

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