Personal: Blogging?

Hello everyone!
Just a heads up, this is just me ranting!

So I haven't been blogging for a long time like most of the bloggers I follow.
Does ranting on tumblr for a year count?

Honestly, I do love blogging about beauty, it's really enjoyable and people can relate no?
But that doesn't really show "me", if you guys know what I mean.

On tumblr, I would go on my cynical rants pretty much everyday.
Of course it was a new topic everyday. In highschool, lots of things trigger your mind to go off.
It would be from about my day that day to typical, "why does everyone wear a mask" post.


That was random but ugghhh I'm so mad now :/

Anyways, I'm going to wrap this up now because I'm mad LOL;
The point is, I love blogging on here about beauty but I also like talking about my thoughts on the world.
But for now, I need a focus on one thing in order to catch people's attention.
No one is going to share my same exact interests of a million different things.
Call me an attention whore but everyone wants to be noticed and be heard.

Honestly though, I don't think I can do it. Focus I mean.
My mind has a tenancy to do whatever and I tend to just let it do whatever.
Hopefully someday, my mind will come across with the true passion that I have been looking for.

So, please look forward to my random and unpredictable posts.
Unless its a tutorial or a review post... They are usually the same format. Haha!
I'll try to keep my rant posts to a minimum!

Oh, and thank you new followers and those who actually read and leave feed back for your support!
You guys don't know how much it means :)

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