Personal: Gardening?

Hello everyone :)
I just wanted to do an update since I've been thinking about doing this and that.

First off, I cleaned my desktop ohohoho. It's all nice and pretty now.
I keep forgetting to take before pictures... but this is my desktop now

Isn't it the cutest? oohhohohoho /soasianwtf
If you guys are wondering where I got the background and icons, you can find the icons here and the background here. :)

In other news, I've been watching the big bang theory from season one. LOL;
oh geeze, I feel like I'm wasting my time and life but who doesn't love Sheldon? Ohohoh <3

I also been wanting to do some gardening but I don't really have the green thumb to do so ):
I really want to grow and aloe vera plant because it's so good for your skin.
Grow Aloe Indoors As A Houseplant Or In The Garden When Climate Allows

Just as a reference, here is a link to tips on growing them.
I might go hunt for an adult size one and try to maintain that.
If I get lucky, I'll get baby sized ones and grow more from there!

I want to grow vegetables and fruits also like cucumbers and strawberries <3
Maybe some herbs too.
I might try to plant some cucumbers in the future.. apparently it's easy to grow.
I don't know I just want a cute indoor garden.

Eggshell Seed Starters

Seeee arn't they cuttteeeee
You can find the tutorial for the egg shelled one here.

In other, other news, my friend Tessie and I went out for frozen yogurt and sticker pictures

mmm... why do I look so awkward.
And my head is huge compared to her.
Why is she so petite and pretty >.>;;;

Do you guys garden? If so, have any tips for me for indoor gardening? If not, do you fancy the thought of gardening? :D

P.S. I added a disqus comment box ohohoho <3 I feel so pro LOL;

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