Personal: Life update #08 - Small notice

Hello everyone, this is just a quick notice and a heads up.
My family is going through something really serious that won't be resolved for a while.
Considering I am the oldest and the one who speaks both Korean and English fluently, I will be busy and stressed out to get this problem resolved and will not have the time, energy, or the mood to blog for a while while trying to keep up with my everyday life also.

I just ask that you pray for our family's well being, especially my dad and my sisters. I know my dad is hurt but being the man of the family, he doesn't show it.
As for my sisters they are young and do not know what is going on. I just wish for their safety from all this crap.
I'm not asking to have pity on me or my family.
I just ask that if you guys are kind enough to keep us in your prayers.

I just really wish that everything goes well.
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