Personal: Life update #o5

Isn't that one fat bird?
I found it this morning when I was eating breakfast.
It looks so fluffy... I kinda wanted to go out and touch it LOL. That would have been a stupid move though.

Anyways, I haven't updated in a while because there isn't anything interesting to write up at the moment.
I'm broke, I can't drive, and so I'm usually in the house.
Whenever I do go out, I don't have money.
I don't even know how that works >.>;

Something did happen on Friday though :)
It was my first time donating blood!  It was cool.
It hurt though... Everyone said it didn't and the thing that hurts the most is when they prick your finger to check your iron level.
For me that was the thing that didn't hurt at all.
Maybe because whenever I get a bad stomach ache, I ask my dad to prick my fingers instead of taking meds.
You guys should try it... it works LOL

But yeah, it was a cool experience even though it completely drained my energy afterwards.
I came home and slept 4 hours then slept again at 10pm to 10am this morning which is an extra 12 hours.

When I took the bandage thing off my arm, it started to bleed again >.>;
I kinda freaked out because the paper said 4 hours and i left it on for more than that.
So now I have this hello kitty bandage instead of the one they put on you that suffocates your arm >.>;

Have you guys donated blood before? How was it? 

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