Personal: Hanging out

Ah, a good quality picture again.
Don't get used to it, I don't have a nice dslr like my friend Christine.

Speaking of which, I hung out with her on Saturday because I desperately wanted to hang out with someone LOL
We invited two other girls but they couldn't make it ಥ__ಥ
Despite the nice weather looking picture, it was cold and mother nature was bipolar ~( >︿ < )~ 

For 2 hours, we just ate, talked, and camwhored.
Well I selca'd alot on my ipod... and then took turns taking pictures of each other

Aigo (◡_◡);; I tend to tense up when people take pictures of me.
It makes me sad and I always have to I'll eat your face off look.
I must practice looking better in pictures LOL

Hanging out with me is never complete unless we take sticker pictures! (>ω<*)ノ

I also bought new falsies and cute pencils and what not!
I'll do a mini haul post soon <3

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