Makeup Review: Stila Stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner

Hello everyone!
As you can tell from the title, this will be a review on this eyeliner!
The reason why I didn't use my picture to show the product is because it looks like this:

Yeah, you cant really see the label or anything! I have been using this product for a while now and the label kinda smudged off.

 Please excuse my falsie-less face > <; but I am wearing the eyeliner in this picture. Here are some close ups: 

You can already tell the eyeliner is fading in the second picture :/ Anyways, let go onto the review.
If you visit stila's website, it tells you what this eyeliner does:
Finally a waterproof liquid liner that glides on with ease, won't smudge or run, and stays in place until you say when! The thin marker-like tip is easy to use even for the least experienced, and delivers a defined thin line to a dramatic bold line with precision. Goes on smoothly without skipping, smudging, or pulling, and lasts all day! 
Key benefits:
  • Waterproof and easy-to-use
  • Goes on smoothly without skipping
  • Lasts all day long!
Let us test their sayings! (I will comment on how well the eyeliner did on the bolded parts at the end!)

Here is the label-less eyeliner once again. LOL

I have it in black, and it definitely is a nice jet black.

I rubbed it around a bit and no budge! Very Impressive.

Yikes. I added some water and let the water fall off before I began rubbing. So much for waterproof! 

Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?:
It does go on very easily without tugging and irritation. It doesn't smudge nor run, but, it is NOT waterproof nor does it stay on the whole day on my lids because I'm a monolid which means oily lids and frequent rubbing. 

Pros: The color is very nice. Not very shiny which i do like. Application is also super easy.

Cons: It is not waterproof! If you go back up and look at the second picture of my close up, you can see the color has faded already after only 2 hours of use. As a monolid, I do need waterproof eyeliner that will not budge when I rub it around. 

Price: It's $20 dollars. For something that isn't even waterproof? Please. Talk about over priced.

Would I buy it again?: NEVER! It lied to me! And for $20!! I also do NOT recommend this to monolids! This is a nonononononno! Stay away from it!
But for those who does have a nice double eyelid like my mom does, it tends to stay on with minimal fading. I still do use it everyday because I'm too lazy to use my gel liner. The wing part stays on pretty well and that's the only part that shows anyways so I'm okay with that.

I hope you found this review helpful!
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