Haul Post: Mini Haul from Lil' Thingamajig

If you guys have been reading my posts up till now, you guys should know that I am a little obsessed with going to this place.
It's a little store near where I live where they sell cute stationary stuff.

Anyways, when I was hanging out with my friend Christine the other day, I bought goodies for myself as you can see (-`ω´- )
Speaking of which, The picture above will be the last high quality picture you guys will see until I get a new camera ︿

My favorite purchase, of course was the falsies <3
I was able to get another pair on Sunday when our family went out for pho.

These are about $4.20 a pair I believe.
I really want to try dolly wink's but until I have enough money to afford $20 lashes, I'll stick with these.

This is what it looks like on my eye (-`ω´- )
As you can see, it's not well blended in with my real lashes because I have no makeup on.
I didn't feel like putting makeup on to show you guys how they look ohohoho /solazyomfg
Can you guys tell the difference?
The top one is more "fluttery" looking than the bottom one.

I'm just happy I don't have to go falsieless this week 

I almost forgot, here is a picture of what my pencil case looks like with the new stuff I have bought 

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