Nail art: Snow leopard print + small update

Hello everyone!
How does it look? I personally think it turned out pretty good (>ω<*)

I made a tutorial and everything but the video wouldn't play right  ︿ 
If you guys are interested, let me know and maybe I'll get my lazy butt to rerecord it

I usually do my nails every week on Saturday or Sunday if I'm not drowning in homework.
If you guys have any suggestions for new nail designs let me know! I would love to try different ones.

Speaking of which, I should do a post of all the nail art I've done so far that I have taken a picture of.
ohohoho. Of course they will be itouch camera quality >.>;;

Anyways, as for the small update, I posted this video on my Tumblr on Monday and I wanted to share it with you guys :)

It's just my dog being silly.
I noticed that she had a tendancy to bark when my mom's phone rang so I gave it a go to see if it really was the ringtone causing her to bark.
Lol, dogs are so strange >ω<;;

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