Skin Care Review: Eco Flower Deep Cleansing Foam

Hello my lovely readers!!
Have you guys missed my reviews?
I sure missed writing some that's for sure.

Today, I have a Korean cleansing foam I picked up a few days ago at H-mart
Isn't it a really pretty package it comes in?
So what does this pretty little thing claim to do?
Gently removes impurities and moisturizes skin with organic rose extracts
Also, I read the back roughly which was written in Korean and to sum it up:
Removes makeup while the rose extracts moisturizes the skin

The product is very creamy but has a slight shimmer to it? I'm not too sure if I want shimmery stuff on my cleansing products >.>;;
But on the upside, the smell is amazing.
The smell isn't overpowering and doesn't really smell like roses but it smells FRESH.
 I'm not too sure how to describe the smell other than "fresh" LOL;;

It also foams really well.
As you rub rub rub, the lather gets nice and thick... Well it should right?
It is called a cleansing foam for a reason no?
It feels like its cleaning your face really well.

Excuse the very disgusting photo above but I wanted to show you guys how my skin reacts to most cleansing products.
(Does anyone else have this problem? > <;;)
Sadly, it dries my sensitive skin out too much T_T;;
But then again, it was only $14

It wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't anything I have seen already, so I don't see the reason of giving the product more than 3 stars

Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?: 
I'm not too sure. I did have some stubborn waterproof mascara on, and sadly it didn't do well on removing it. I had to go back with my makeup remover. As for any other makeup, I'm not too sure because I don't wear full on bb cream everyday. As for moisturizing, I don't think it did the job as you can tell on the photo above ):

Of course, the smell. I cannot get over the fact of how nice it smells. After using it, I feel cleaned and i smell fresh. I hope you guys don't think I'm a freak after reading this part but its true! (minus the drying out part)

It dries out my skin T_T;; I have to go full on moisturizer mode :/ But this is common for me and most cleansing foam I have tried. And also I think it is because of the foam? I heard that the chemical that allows shampoo to form nice bubbles actually dries out your hair. So I wonder if this is true for facial cleansers too?

Would I buy it again?:
Maybe? Just as a last resort of course if I'm really low on cash. I'm really better off spending a good amount of money that will be cleaning my face for the day no?

It was about $14.00

I really should go see a dermatologist about my skin drying like that.... I don't know if it is just my skin being sensitive or me having something else.
Does anyone have the same drying out problem like I do?

Anyways, thanks for reading guys! I'll try to be more active on my blog since it's break
Only a few month till I graduate from high school!


can you believe it? its been so many days since I last blogged and probably a few weeks since I posted a Review of some sort
So my lovely readers, I am here to announce that I will be posting 2 reviews very soon!
Now that its almost spring break, I'll have time to blog *w*

Sorry for the lack of updates!
And thank you for sicking around anyways :)

Personal: Aiggoooo

Guys, I don't have anything to blog about >3<

It's really sad and I really want to update my blog but honestly, I haven't been very sociable with people and I haven't been shopping around because I'm broke and don't have a job.

That was a lot of and's in one sentence LOL;;;

Siigghhhhhhh. I need to do something fun with my life so I can tell you guys all about it!

The only thing I have been doing is working out and "doing" homework LOL;;
Hopefully, once I'm in college, my life will be a little more exciting no?

Since today is thursday and my parents stay home, we ended up going out to dinner than to a korean cafe called Jireh.

Welp, Hope for the best for me :) Hopefully something fun happens yeah?

I really want to do more diy stuff, like nails and hair.... but my nails are too short at the moment and I don't have a model for hair and I need one because I don't have long workable hair.


LOL;;; Okay here is a little selca as I say my good bye

Ciao! (sorry I look so derpy LOL)

Personal: Daily life

Hello everyone!
I wanted to do a quick update post...
Well mostly because I have too many selcas in my folder I took last week and I want to get rid of it XD

Maybe I should I have done it in my previous post because of the same outfit....
I went camera whore hard core that day because I bought this new dress yeah :D
I'm going to just sprinkle in my face in this post and it's not going to be hard to miss because it's so huge LOL;

I don't really know what I want to tell you guys honestly.

I have been busy with school and spending time with my boyfriend.

Like honestly, since our relationship is long distance, we talk 24/7

Sadly, my grades have been slipping into B's and its quite sad.

I like getting A's and that's really because of my pride and nothing else.

So it hurts my pride that my grades are slipping but then again, I have been slacking a lot.
Well it's okay! It's third quarter and the school year is almost over!
I'm very much excited to go to college and go to like 3 classes a week instead of 5 days of 4 classes a week. 

I have also started jogging!

I'm very excited to continue. I'm going for a jog every other day for 30 minutes.
And this isn't a hardcore jogging either. I run for 1 minute and walk for 1 and a half minutes to get my body adjusted to the jogging.
Once my body gets more used to me moving around, I'll increase running time and decrease the walking time.
Eventually and hopefully, I will be able to run without stopping alot. How cool would that be?

I started jogging not to lose weight. 

I know what I'm going to say is going to make all the girls reading this to punch my face but I don't think I need to loose weight.
I have gone down to 110lbs last year which is approximately 10lbs underweight.
I felt like poop and I didn't look any skinnier.

Why don't I have a body like them? TT_TT;;;;
I just want a flat stomach and no more fat thighs. Sigh.
How do these girls do it? Like how can they be that skinny with boobs like that?
I'll make myself feel better and say it's all photoshop and pushup bras! LOL;;;

Anyways, that really is the motivation on why I started jogging.
Hopefully I don't get lazy with this because I really don't want to. Wish me luck!

Have you guys notice I usually don't post pictures of me where I am smiling?
I think I look super awk and chinky in pictures when I do. I also think that smiling brings too much attention to my huge and flat asian nose LOL;;; (I really want a nose job)

As for today, I groomed both of my dogs!
It was super tiring and I only took a picture with Nari

Yay :)
How have you guys been? Anything fun and new you guys wanna briefly tell me about or something that you can relate to me?
Thanks for reading like always, It means a lot!
Speaking of which I have been getting like 50+ views per day... Wow!
I'm a newbie at blogging and the fact that my blog would be viewed that many times in one day is pretty awesome.
It's like flashing your face to a person or few people a couple of times because they want to see it....
Not saying people come to see my face... LOLL;;;
This is a very prolonged good bye...
Until the next post
Ciao!!! <3

Makeup Review: Maybelline XXL PRO Extensions in waterproof

Hello everyone!
I know I have been posting pretty negative posts lately >.>;
I apologize and to make up for it... here is a quick mascara review!

Please note the word quick.
I really wanted to do a blog post that didn't have to do with my cynical personality.
So therefore I don't have much exciting pictures :(
You'll just have to take my word for it :P

This is what it looks like~
When I visited their website, it doesn't really say much about what the product does minus the fact that it lengthen lashes like crazy.
Up to 85% visibly longer lashes
That's really it... It also comes in washable if you guys wanna know.

The brushes are nothing special. I think it's pretty generic.

Anyways, Lets just move onto the overall of the product


Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?: 
Well I can't really say it makes my lashes "up to 85%" longer. But I will admit it does make my lashes nice and long :) Also it is waterproof. Like it will not budge unless you go hardcore rubbing.

I really do like how it comes with like a "primer"

Even though I do like how it comes in 2 formulas, I do not like the primer being white. Honestly, if you put the white part on and then the black, your lashes in bright light looks gray. It's not really appealing. It does a terrible job on holding up my lashes especially with my monolids pushing down on my lashes. Not only that, Maybelline did not lie when it said waterproof! It's so stubbornly waterproof. You are going to need an amazing makeup remover to get this thing off. This is also a more wet formula which means it will spread to your eye bags eventually throughout the day. This I found a solution to! 

*TIP:*You know how people take their mascara and put like an index card on their eye and apply directly?
Well, for me, I put on my mascara and using a mascara wand and the index card, I go over my lashes.
This not only removes the extra product that doesn't need to be there but also separates your lashes

Would I buy it again?: 
I doubt it. It wasn't that great. I'm trying to use up all the products so I can go buy a new one.

it says $9.40 on the website. I don't remember how much it was when I bought it.


Thanks for reading guys :)
I was thinking about doing a hair tutorial but its hard to do it with no tripod.. Sigh.
Until next time! Ciao!

Circle Lens Review: NEO Glamour Brown from EyeCandy

Hello everyone! It's the long waited circle lens review that I promised!
This is my first circle lens ever so bear with me.

As you can tell from the title, I bought NEO Glamour Brown from EyeCandy.
This will be a circle lens review and the company review.

Lets start with the shipping and such.

I placed my order on 2/19 and the website says 1-2 business days of processing.
Now 19th was a Sunday so I expected to wait a bit longer.
They shipped 5 days later.
Now, I didn't mind waiting and this is probably because my lens were prescription so I'll give them the benefit of doubt.
Once shipped, It arrived on 3/2 on Friday but I wasn't there to pick it up so I got it following Monday.
So in total, it took me about 2 weeks to get my order. 

In my opinion, not bad because I have waited longer for a package to come.
And it did say on the shipping that it'll take about 10-17 days to get here for international orders.

Now the package!

Nothing fancy.
A brown envelope thing with bubble wrap on the inside.
It came with what I ordered (circle lens and the rilakkuma lens case) along withe a circle lens usage guide and a free lens case.

The circle lens usage guide can be downloaded from the website too I believe and I think it's very nice and informative for first users like me!

Now these are the pictures they have up on EyeCandy on the Glamour Brown lens

I think it's a very pretty caramel brown! Don't you think so?
Here is the in dept information they have on the site: 
Brand: NEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 45%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Power: plano, -0.50, -1.00 to -5.00 (0.25 step), -5.50 to -9.50 (0.50 step)
Duration: 1 year disposable
There are several reasons why I bought this.
Well first, I didn't want anything dramatic as my first lens and the water content.
I didn't want to strain my eyes so much either so I went with a higher water content which in result made the lens very flexible (I'm super careful with these because I'm afraid they'll break!)

Color wise, I think they weren't false advertised which is good!

This is how it looks on my eyes in natural lighting.
They are really noticeable in nice lighting, otherwise, you can't really tell which I don't mind at all!
Like I said, I didn't want anything dramatic and wanted something a little more subtle.

Now on to the enlargement test!

This is without the lens

And this is just the lens in my right eye.

As you can see, there is a difference but not that big of a difference.
My friend Christine told me she didn't really see the big difference either.
I think if I got a 14.5 mm one, the difference would show better.



The thing I was worried about most was comfort. When I put it on, I can feel it there but it's not bothering me. The thing is though, they tend to move around my eyes a bit if my eyes get a little dry so I have to blink like crazy for 5 seconds to get it back to focus. Maybe it's the water content? I'm not sure. And since this IS my first pair, I am a little paranoid on all levels. Hopefully I get used to these. 

Color and Design:              

 When I saw in the pictures on the website, I expected it to be a lighter brown. It ended up looking a little darker which I do not mind at all. But because this is still so much brighter than I thought, It kinda makes me look foreign and not as natural as I wanted it to be. This is only when I'm in natural bright lighting though. Otherwise you can't really tell.

Now to be fair, I didn't expect these to enlarge my eyes that much because it is only 14.2 mm. Normal contact lenses are 14mm. So this means it should only be enlarging my eyes about .2mm. Not much of an enlargement and I don't mind. I'll probably try for a 14.5mm next time. 


I think I'm being a little harsh on the review? Idk. Anyways, I do like the color and I do enjoy wearing it. I do not like the fact that it moves around a lot but that is about it. I do think it does make my eyes a bit bigger  but the color isn't as subtle as I thought it would be. 

Well, thanks for reading guys, I know this was a pretty long post.
What do you think of my new lens? I know there arn't really pretty and nice pictures to give me your opinion.. but....
Anyways! Until next time my lovely readers! 

Personal: Updates! (well it's mostly me blabbering about)

Hello everyone! How has everyone been?
For me last week didn't go too well and this week isn't starting out well. Sigh.
It's really weird because my relationship with Tony has been really good lately but at school everyone is getting on my nerves (◡_◡);;;

So last week, all of my teachers were cramming everything in for interims and I thought when the weekend comes, everything will get better and the following week will be relaxing.
Boy was I wrong!
Turns out, I had a lot going on this week too! ಥ__ಥ

I took the first part of my Statistics test today, tomorrow I have a 10 min speech to give in English, a BC calculus test, and part 2 of my Statistics test, on Wednesday, I have part of my physics research thing due, on Thursday I have a whole bunch of Comparative Government work due along with BC Calculus....
Well you get the point and hopefully THIS weekend will be better than the last one!

Last weekend, I was really mad because my friend blew me off!
(Josh, if you are reading this, I hope you understand how pissed off I was on Saturday!)

I mean, the whole week we were planing to go get lunch then go study for the calculus test that was coming up because I really need a good grade on this test.
I ended up waking up at 1 on Saturday and Josh said it was a little too late for lunch. I agreed and asked when we should go to the library to study.
He said he was busy after 1:30 because he had to go to a birthday party!

I don't understand what was going through his mind when he blew me off.
What was the point of making plans with me if he KNEW he had to go to a birthday party!
And if he DIDN'T know until last minute, what makes him think that he could blow me off like that to go to some party??!?!
Did he think it was okay to make plans on top of the plans he already had and hope everything worked out?!

I'm still pretty mad about this and I'm either have a long talk about this with him tomorrow (and cause a scene in my first period >.>;;;) or ignore him until I get over it (and this should be quick because it's too troublesome to hold a grudge >.>;;;;;;;)

Sunday was a better day.
I went to church, came home and selca'd then went to the library with my friend Tessie and Allen to study for the Statistics test.

On our way to church :)

This is my sister's room. My sisters share rooms and oh my goodness... their walls are covered in K-pop posters!
Lol look at Hanee playing Maplestory :P

In other news, I finally got my circle lens!!!
Expect a review soon~ <3

Personal: Yummy salad!

Hello everyone!
Thursday was not my day T_T;
This was taken during study hall while I tried to finish up Statistics homework which was the class right after study hall.
Since this week has been interim week, it has been tough >.>;
And my grades are not good. But it's okay, its only interim! I can make it up!
But I've been so lazy Soooo... I can't guarantee that.

I came home and was hungry, like always so I made some salad with apples!

I also added some croutons and topped it with some salad dressing.
It was very appetizing if you ask me.
Even my doggy wanted some! haha!

Of course I couldn't give her any so she just sat there like that and watched me eat LOL

In other news, I want my circles lens nooowwww!!
I'm so excited!

Well, till tomorrow!

DIY: Pore strips

Hello everyone!
How has everyone been? Lol it's only been a day since my last post >3<
Anyways, you know the DIY pore strips you can do with gelatin?
Well I did it a few days ago with my sisters to get rid of blackheads.

I just used googled up a diy (There are tons to use from) and got to work.

Now if you guys ever used unflavored gelatin, you know it smells nasty! 
Why doesn't the DIY posters mention that T_T;;
We put it on and let it dry in front of a fan because both of us didn't have any patience

When we pulled it off, it didn't catch all the blackheads like I wanted it to.
It's probably because we used a fan to dry it.
I would try this again but the gelatin smells SO BAD so I don't think its worth it.
I'll just buy some instead of using nasty smelling things ( you know how I'm picky about products that smells bad )

Have you guys tried the DIY? Did it work well for you?
Any recommendations of pore strips?

Thanks for reading!

Personal: 1000+ Views and updates

Hello everyone!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 
I have reached 1000+ views! I know this doesn't seem much and it seems like I'm obsessed to get new readers, but the fact that my blog had been clicked on/viewed at least 1000 times (unless someone trolled on my and just sat there refreshing the page T_T;;) is pretty awesome
Thank you for all the support!
I REALLY REALLY appericiate it!

If you guys have noticed, my recent post I made about my friend got deleted ):
I don't know why and I don't know how to retrieve it.
I'm just glad it wasn't like a huge review post > <;

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know about the upcoming posts to look forward to!
And I also wanted to let you guys know that the family problem we were having is getting much better everyday! I'm very glad and thankful.
Please continue to pray for us! Thank you!

These are my two younger sisters! I'm not sure if I have already introduced them on this blog.
Just in case, I'll do it (again).
The girl in the yellow is the middle child, who turned 13 on February 5th.
She is already taller than me > <;;
The girl in the bottom picture is the youngest who is 10 and turning 11 in october.
She is really pretty looking but she is so tomboy >.>;

As for future posts:
  • Mascara Review
  • DIY pore strip review
  • Circle Lens review (I hope they come soon!)
  • Playing with my younger sister's hair post thing (lol, it'll be an update post)
Please look forward to it!
Thank you for reading, leave a comment, suggestion, and such :)
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