Personal: Aiggoooo

Guys, I don't have anything to blog about >3<

It's really sad and I really want to update my blog but honestly, I haven't been very sociable with people and I haven't been shopping around because I'm broke and don't have a job.

That was a lot of and's in one sentence LOL;;;

Siigghhhhhhh. I need to do something fun with my life so I can tell you guys all about it!

The only thing I have been doing is working out and "doing" homework LOL;;
Hopefully, once I'm in college, my life will be a little more exciting no?

Since today is thursday and my parents stay home, we ended up going out to dinner than to a korean cafe called Jireh.

Welp, Hope for the best for me :) Hopefully something fun happens yeah?

I really want to do more diy stuff, like nails and hair.... but my nails are too short at the moment and I don't have a model for hair and I need one because I don't have long workable hair.


LOL;;; Okay here is a little selca as I say my good bye

Ciao! (sorry I look so derpy LOL)

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