DIY: Pore strips

Hello everyone!
How has everyone been? Lol it's only been a day since my last post >3<
Anyways, you know the DIY pore strips you can do with gelatin?
Well I did it a few days ago with my sisters to get rid of blackheads.

I just used googled up a diy (There are tons to use from) and got to work.

Now if you guys ever used unflavored gelatin, you know it smells nasty! 
Why doesn't the DIY posters mention that T_T;;
We put it on and let it dry in front of a fan because both of us didn't have any patience

When we pulled it off, it didn't catch all the blackheads like I wanted it to.
It's probably because we used a fan to dry it.
I would try this again but the gelatin smells SO BAD so I don't think its worth it.
I'll just buy some instead of using nasty smelling things ( you know how I'm picky about products that smells bad )

Have you guys tried the DIY? Did it work well for you?
Any recommendations of pore strips?

Thanks for reading!

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