Makeup Review: Maybelline XXL PRO Extensions in waterproof

Hello everyone!
I know I have been posting pretty negative posts lately >.>;
I apologize and to make up for it... here is a quick mascara review!

Please note the word quick.
I really wanted to do a blog post that didn't have to do with my cynical personality.
So therefore I don't have much exciting pictures :(
You'll just have to take my word for it :P

This is what it looks like~
When I visited their website, it doesn't really say much about what the product does minus the fact that it lengthen lashes like crazy.
Up to 85% visibly longer lashes
That's really it... It also comes in washable if you guys wanna know.

The brushes are nothing special. I think it's pretty generic.

Anyways, Lets just move onto the overall of the product


Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?: 
Well I can't really say it makes my lashes "up to 85%" longer. But I will admit it does make my lashes nice and long :) Also it is waterproof. Like it will not budge unless you go hardcore rubbing.

I really do like how it comes with like a "primer"

Even though I do like how it comes in 2 formulas, I do not like the primer being white. Honestly, if you put the white part on and then the black, your lashes in bright light looks gray. It's not really appealing. It does a terrible job on holding up my lashes especially with my monolids pushing down on my lashes. Not only that, Maybelline did not lie when it said waterproof! It's so stubbornly waterproof. You are going to need an amazing makeup remover to get this thing off. This is also a more wet formula which means it will spread to your eye bags eventually throughout the day. This I found a solution to! 

*TIP:*You know how people take their mascara and put like an index card on their eye and apply directly?
Well, for me, I put on my mascara and using a mascara wand and the index card, I go over my lashes.
This not only removes the extra product that doesn't need to be there but also separates your lashes

Would I buy it again?: 
I doubt it. It wasn't that great. I'm trying to use up all the products so I can go buy a new one.

it says $9.40 on the website. I don't remember how much it was when I bought it.


Thanks for reading guys :)
I was thinking about doing a hair tutorial but its hard to do it with no tripod.. Sigh.
Until next time! Ciao!
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