Skin Care Review: Eco Flower Deep Cleansing Foam

Hello my lovely readers!!
Have you guys missed my reviews?
I sure missed writing some that's for sure.

Today, I have a Korean cleansing foam I picked up a few days ago at H-mart
Isn't it a really pretty package it comes in?
So what does this pretty little thing claim to do?
Gently removes impurities and moisturizes skin with organic rose extracts
Also, I read the back roughly which was written in Korean and to sum it up:
Removes makeup while the rose extracts moisturizes the skin

The product is very creamy but has a slight shimmer to it? I'm not too sure if I want shimmery stuff on my cleansing products >.>;;
But on the upside, the smell is amazing.
The smell isn't overpowering and doesn't really smell like roses but it smells FRESH.
 I'm not too sure how to describe the smell other than "fresh" LOL;;

It also foams really well.
As you rub rub rub, the lather gets nice and thick... Well it should right?
It is called a cleansing foam for a reason no?
It feels like its cleaning your face really well.

Excuse the very disgusting photo above but I wanted to show you guys how my skin reacts to most cleansing products.
(Does anyone else have this problem? > <;;)
Sadly, it dries my sensitive skin out too much T_T;;
But then again, it was only $14

It wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't anything I have seen already, so I don't see the reason of giving the product more than 3 stars

Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?: 
I'm not too sure. I did have some stubborn waterproof mascara on, and sadly it didn't do well on removing it. I had to go back with my makeup remover. As for any other makeup, I'm not too sure because I don't wear full on bb cream everyday. As for moisturizing, I don't think it did the job as you can tell on the photo above ):

Of course, the smell. I cannot get over the fact of how nice it smells. After using it, I feel cleaned and i smell fresh. I hope you guys don't think I'm a freak after reading this part but its true! (minus the drying out part)

It dries out my skin T_T;; I have to go full on moisturizer mode :/ But this is common for me and most cleansing foam I have tried. And also I think it is because of the foam? I heard that the chemical that allows shampoo to form nice bubbles actually dries out your hair. So I wonder if this is true for facial cleansers too?

Would I buy it again?:
Maybe? Just as a last resort of course if I'm really low on cash. I'm really better off spending a good amount of money that will be cleaning my face for the day no?

It was about $14.00

I really should go see a dermatologist about my skin drying like that.... I don't know if it is just my skin being sensitive or me having something else.
Does anyone have the same drying out problem like I do?

Anyways, thanks for reading guys! I'll try to be more active on my blog since it's break
Only a few month till I graduate from high school!
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