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Hello everyone!
I wanted to do a quick update post...
Well mostly because I have too many selcas in my folder I took last week and I want to get rid of it XD

Maybe I should I have done it in my previous post because of the same outfit....
I went camera whore hard core that day because I bought this new dress yeah :D
I'm going to just sprinkle in my face in this post and it's not going to be hard to miss because it's so huge LOL;

I don't really know what I want to tell you guys honestly.

I have been busy with school and spending time with my boyfriend.

Like honestly, since our relationship is long distance, we talk 24/7

Sadly, my grades have been slipping into B's and its quite sad.

I like getting A's and that's really because of my pride and nothing else.

So it hurts my pride that my grades are slipping but then again, I have been slacking a lot.
Well it's okay! It's third quarter and the school year is almost over!
I'm very much excited to go to college and go to like 3 classes a week instead of 5 days of 4 classes a week. 

I have also started jogging!

I'm very excited to continue. I'm going for a jog every other day for 30 minutes.
And this isn't a hardcore jogging either. I run for 1 minute and walk for 1 and a half minutes to get my body adjusted to the jogging.
Once my body gets more used to me moving around, I'll increase running time and decrease the walking time.
Eventually and hopefully, I will be able to run without stopping alot. How cool would that be?

I started jogging not to lose weight. 

I know what I'm going to say is going to make all the girls reading this to punch my face but I don't think I need to loose weight.
I have gone down to 110lbs last year which is approximately 10lbs underweight.
I felt like poop and I didn't look any skinnier.

Why don't I have a body like them? TT_TT;;;;
I just want a flat stomach and no more fat thighs. Sigh.
How do these girls do it? Like how can they be that skinny with boobs like that?
I'll make myself feel better and say it's all photoshop and pushup bras! LOL;;;

Anyways, that really is the motivation on why I started jogging.
Hopefully I don't get lazy with this because I really don't want to. Wish me luck!

Have you guys notice I usually don't post pictures of me where I am smiling?
I think I look super awk and chinky in pictures when I do. I also think that smiling brings too much attention to my huge and flat asian nose LOL;;; (I really want a nose job)

As for today, I groomed both of my dogs!
It was super tiring and I only took a picture with Nari

Yay :)
How have you guys been? Anything fun and new you guys wanna briefly tell me about or something that you can relate to me?
Thanks for reading like always, It means a lot!
Speaking of which I have been getting like 50+ views per day... Wow!
I'm a newbie at blogging and the fact that my blog would be viewed that many times in one day is pretty awesome.
It's like flashing your face to a person or few people a couple of times because they want to see it....
Not saying people come to see my face... LOLL;;;
This is a very prolonged good bye...
Until the next post
Ciao!!! <3

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