Personal: Updates! (well it's mostly me blabbering about)

Hello everyone! How has everyone been?
For me last week didn't go too well and this week isn't starting out well. Sigh.
It's really weird because my relationship with Tony has been really good lately but at school everyone is getting on my nerves (◡_◡);;;

So last week, all of my teachers were cramming everything in for interims and I thought when the weekend comes, everything will get better and the following week will be relaxing.
Boy was I wrong!
Turns out, I had a lot going on this week too! ಥ__ಥ

I took the first part of my Statistics test today, tomorrow I have a 10 min speech to give in English, a BC calculus test, and part 2 of my Statistics test, on Wednesday, I have part of my physics research thing due, on Thursday I have a whole bunch of Comparative Government work due along with BC Calculus....
Well you get the point and hopefully THIS weekend will be better than the last one!

Last weekend, I was really mad because my friend blew me off!
(Josh, if you are reading this, I hope you understand how pissed off I was on Saturday!)

I mean, the whole week we were planing to go get lunch then go study for the calculus test that was coming up because I really need a good grade on this test.
I ended up waking up at 1 on Saturday and Josh said it was a little too late for lunch. I agreed and asked when we should go to the library to study.
He said he was busy after 1:30 because he had to go to a birthday party!

I don't understand what was going through his mind when he blew me off.
What was the point of making plans with me if he KNEW he had to go to a birthday party!
And if he DIDN'T know until last minute, what makes him think that he could blow me off like that to go to some party??!?!
Did he think it was okay to make plans on top of the plans he already had and hope everything worked out?!

I'm still pretty mad about this and I'm either have a long talk about this with him tomorrow (and cause a scene in my first period >.>;;;) or ignore him until I get over it (and this should be quick because it's too troublesome to hold a grudge >.>;;;;;;;)

Sunday was a better day.
I went to church, came home and selca'd then went to the library with my friend Tessie and Allen to study for the Statistics test.

On our way to church :)

This is my sister's room. My sisters share rooms and oh my goodness... their walls are covered in K-pop posters!
Lol look at Hanee playing Maplestory :P

In other news, I finally got my circle lens!!!
Expect a review soon~ <3

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