Personal: Yummy salad!

Hello everyone!
Thursday was not my day T_T;
This was taken during study hall while I tried to finish up Statistics homework which was the class right after study hall.
Since this week has been interim week, it has been tough >.>;
And my grades are not good. But it's okay, its only interim! I can make it up!
But I've been so lazy Soooo... I can't guarantee that.

I came home and was hungry, like always so I made some salad with apples!

I also added some croutons and topped it with some salad dressing.
It was very appetizing if you ask me.
Even my doggy wanted some! haha!

Of course I couldn't give her any so she just sat there like that and watched me eat LOL

In other news, I want my circles lens nooowwww!!
I'm so excited!

Well, till tomorrow!

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