Skin Care Review: Facial mask

Hello everyone!
A few days ago, I bought some facial masks.
I was looking for the one a lot of bloggers were talking about but I couldn't find any at my local Korean cosmetics store ):
Well, I guess something is better than nothing!

As you can see, its very generic looking.
It's suppose to whiten and moisturize your skin, but I never listen to these facial masks and their claims.
I just use them to give my skin some pampering.

Ohohoho, I look so attractive no?
The only thing unique about this mask was that it was textured on one side, which was the first I have seen out of all the masks I have tried so far

After 30 minutes, off it goes~

Haha you can see my contact lens in this pictures...
but with that aside, my skin definitely needed that extra "nff"
My skin was so nice and supple after this *w*

Do you have any suggestions on brands that I should try out?

Thanks for reading~

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