Personal: What does my blog name mean? + Updates!

Hello my lovely readers~
I apologize for the lack of posts, and I honestly don't really have an excuse to give you guys LOL;;
I've been trying to get a job desperately and it hasn't been really working out T_T;;;
And without money, I don't get to purchase all the cosmetics I want... and so, lack of posts LOL
Not only that, my life has been very not exciting >3<

Anyways, I did get to go shopping a few days ago :D I'll do a mini haul post later~
I also did my nails!
I've been growing them out for a while and they have been healthier and stronger then ever!
I've been trying this home diy thing, but I don't wanna share it with you guys unless I know the science behind it and know what is going on to make my nails stronger.

I love my nails!
Sadly, I don't have outfits to match these girly nails >3<;; So I'll probably redo them later.
I'll post a video tutorial of these later this week!

Okay, So I've been looking at my traffic sources and people actually look up my blogspot!
How exciting!

So I wanted to let my followers know what my name meant.
It really isn't anything special.
If you guys can type in korean, type in gksql.
It says 한비 which is my name: Hanbi
I think its pretty interesting and a lot of koreans do this when they are making their email addresses and such.

Well thank you again for reading <3
Do you guys have any requests? Makeup tuts? Nail art tuts? Products I should try?
Let me know!
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