Hair Update: Straight magic perm

Hello lovelies!
Notice anything different?
Well if you have been reading my blog for a while, you guys know that I have uncontrollable thick wavy hair.
So, if you guys haven't figured out from the title yet....

I got myself a straight magic perm! 
Omg look at my tamed hair.
So beautiful LOL

Anyways, this was done last week and I never got to spam you guys with photos
So here it is now~

My mom found a nice salon to get my perm done and let me say they really did a good job
And if you guys know me, you know how picky I am when it comes to people touching and styling my hair.

Fun fun fun
I hope you guys had fun looking at my face LOL

This is suppose to last up to a year so I'm getting my time and money worth (200$ and 7 hours of my life)
The only annoying thing right now is that my bangs don't cooperate with me so I'm waiting for it to grow out so I can style it the way I want.

I do kinda miss my crazy hair but this perm made my life so much easier.
What do you guys think?
Does it suit me?

Much love <3
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