Personal: I'm Back!

Hello my lovely readers!
I have missed you guys so much!
And I have good news for you guys!
I am going back to blogging :D

Sadly, I got "laid off" from work and I've been down in the dumps.
You know what that means for a girl
It means you either stuff your face with food, or go shopping.

If you guys have guessed it, I have been shopping... ALOT.
So I do want to do reviews for you guys and today, I had that "omg I seriously miss blogging" moment.
I jumped right onto my computer to do this quick post for you guys :)

I have much to write about, a lot has happened between the last "real" post I have made on here.
Instead of overwhelming you guys with the details in this post, I will spread them out.
Anyways, thank you so much for sticking with me and looking forward to my posts

much love <3

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