Personal: New Wallet!

Hello lovelies!
I bought a new wallet for myself a few weeks ago on ebay and it finally came in the mail today!

I love it!
If you guys are interested, you can find this wallet here

Anyways I was cleaning out my old wallet and I found a bunch of receipt and two movie tickets.
I think I'm going to start collecting movie tickets :P

And my sticker pictures!

I ended up laminating all of them today cuz I don't have a pocket anymore for all of them.
It has to be sturdy to just throw it in my wallet like that lol

The weather today was really bipolar.
It rained/hailed super hard for 10 minutes and went away. 
See for yourself...

It got super sunny and pretty :)
Well sorry for the random post. I just got excited when my wallet came in the mail
I'll be doing the review post soon on the BB pact so please look forward to that!

Much love <3

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