Makeup Review: Etude House BB Magic Pact

Hello lovelies! As promised, here is the Etude House BB Magic Pact!

Wow I haven't done a review post in so long... >A<

Anyways, I went on their website to see what the company has to say.
I couldnt find this product but this is what it says on the back of the box:
Pressed powder compact absorbs oil and supplies long lasting coverage with smooth, moist finish for a natural look. This product is free of oil, talc and wax for sensitive skin.

It comes in Light Beige and Natural Beige.
I got the Natural Beige because I did get a little tan with a couple of trips to the pool and I knew the light beige was going to be way too light for me.

Anyways, silly me, I just put this power on my face without foundation when I was suppose to.
But there is a really light hint of a scent. I really like it. It smells fresh :)

But I really liked the light coverage it gave me. If I wore a light BB cream with it, it probably would have been perfect.

So as I promised, I have come back. I put my BB cream on and then the power over it

The power does give me a nice finish but if you look up close, you can see my not very pretty dry patches.
I left it on for about 6 hours and about 2-3 hours in, I could feel my face getting oily.
I checked my face and it didn't look oily and the dry patches were not as noticeable.


I really like this so far. I'm really trying to minimize the things I have in my makeup bag I carry around and this might be replacing the press power I have now. I really like the packaging and the hint of that scent. If It keeps me oil free the whole day, I will come back and give this 5/5 stars :)
I really do like this product but it doesn't keep me oil free all day and makes my dry patches very noticeable up close

Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?:
long lasting coverage: I kept this on for about 6 hours and it stayed and didn't make my face feel heavy or oily.
smooth, moist finish for a natural look: ✔-?  I don't think it was a "moist" finish but like I said, no foundation underneath so I'll have to try this again with it and update this review. 

it still wasn't a "moist" and "smooth" finish with the bb cream under the powder. There were dry patches but I did like the finish of the look from a few steps away from the mirror.

The finish is beautiful if you are not so close up. The packaging its beautiful and I love the scent

Obviously the fact that it does make my dry patches noticeable and how it doesn't keep me oil free all day

Would I buy it again?/Price:
Well it was about $15.oo on ebay (including shipping). I don't think I would buy it again just because the press power I have is like $6.oo and it seriously keeps me oil free all day. 

If you guys have the money give it a try and let me know how it suits you. I don't remember the name of the press powder I have because I don't have my makeup bag near me to check lol. But anyways if you guys do get this, a little bit goes a long way! Trust me! you don't need to pack a whole bunch on the applicator to see a difference.

This was a really quick and rushed review and I apologize >A<
I promise I'll tweak it in a few days after trying the product some more but i hope this gave you guys the general idea about the product.

Thanks for reading!
Much love <3
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