Makeup Review: e.l.f Studio Natural Lash Collection

Hello lovelies~ 
So today I have some false lash review from e.l.f! Sorry for the pictures of the lashes.. they are pretty beat up so let me show you pictures I found online

Those pictures are so much nicer to look at then my used and beat up lashes ;;

Now lets see what the company has to say about these lashes:

  • This complete lash kit provides the essential tools for creating beautiful lush lashes 
  • The lightweight and soft lashes fit comfortably on the lash line to give a natural enhanced look
Overall: ★ ★ ★  

So, overall, I love these lashes.  I have never worn such light weight lashes. The lashes I would buy were thick and heavy and it irritated me sometimes because I have such thick monolids. These are so comfortable~ definitely easy to wear for everyday. Once you put it on, you forget it is on because they feel like feathers. The downside of having such light weight lashes is that they are flimsy. Cleaning it is a pain in the butt because you don't want to ruin them.  Along with that, the glue that comes with it isn't going to keep the lashes on your eyes. These two reasons are the only reasons why I gave it 4 stars out of five. I love love love the lashes, how it comes with a half one and full ones along with glue and tweezers. 

Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?
  •  essential tools: ✔- Now the reason I gave it a check minus is because of the glue that came with it. Although the application of the glue onto the lashes is very very easy, the glue is just not strong enough to stay on your eyes for the whole day. The thing I like about the glue is that when you have a hard time putting the lashes on the ends like I do, you can go in and dab a little bit on the edges (while you have the lashes on your eyes) and hold down to make the ends stick to your lash line. It definitely gets to the hard to reach places instead of taking them off and reapplying them.  Other than that, the tweezers are definitely nice to have. 
  • lightweight and soft lashes fit comfortably on the lash line to give a natural enhanced look:  ✔++ I cannot get over how lightweight, soft, and comfortable these lashes are! I love love love it!  I was scared that it would not look natural because these lashes were so long but I think it does fabulously. If you look at the pictures of my face above, you can see how long the lashes are close up, but far away you can't really tell but I think it helps open up your eyes without being dramatic.

  • Very light weight
  • Soft
  • Super comfortable
  • Opens up your eyes without being dramatic
  • Comes with glue and tweezers

  • Flimsy. Be careful reusing it and cleaning it
  • Glue is not strong enough to hold for the whole day
Would I repurchase?
Definitely! They are $4.00 online at but I got them for $3.00 at Marshalls!  So if you happen to be at Marshalls, dig through where all the soaps, shampoos, makeup, etc are and you should be able to fine these!

Use eyelash glue you love and trust instead of using the one provided for you. It saves the worry you will have to go through to see if they are falling off or not. And knowing how incredibly light they are... you might not know they are falling off until someone points out that it looks like your eyes are falling off . Another thing is, take time and be very careful when cleaning these lashes if you plan to reuse them for a long time. 

Well that's it for this review! I hope it helped~ I am in love with these lashes! The Korean lashes I have been using are so heavy compared to these lashes... but they do give you a more dramatic look. I wonder what the difference in the two would be. Any ideas? If you happen to pick these up, let me know what your experience was with them!

Thank you for reading!

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