Makeup Review: Too Faced Glamour To Go Eyeshadow, Highlighter, Bronzer & LipGloss Pocket Palette (Spun Sugar Edition)

Hello Lovelies! 
Today I'm going to review this Too Faced eyeshadow palette in Spun Sugar Edition

I have been using this palette since I got it back in December near Christmas time
I bought one for my boyfriend's sister for Christmas and after seeing how pretty the colors are, I had to get it for myself. 

So, to start out like always, here is what the company has to say:
What It Is:
Our limited-edition, purse-sized palette offers everything you need for eyes, face and lips in shimmering, sugar-inspired shades and formulas. Glimmering golds and sexy silver hues that make it easy take your look from looking haute for holiday shopping to looking naughty on New Year’s Eve. 

More To Love:
  • 8 Pigment rich eye shadows 
  • 1 Universal bronzer 
  • 1 Brightening blush 
  • 1 Glimmering gold gloss
Overall: ★ ★ ★  

Unfortunately, the colors are super super pretty in the palettes but it is not as pigmented as I wanted. I have applied it with my fingers, little eye sponge applicator, and a brush and I have found that tapping the eyeshadow with a brush onto your eyes makes it nice and pigmented  . This is probably because of all that glitter in the shadow. Not only that, it rubs off really easily. It is easy to blend but the color comes off when I blend . I found that using an eye primer is a must! It helps the eyeshadow stay on my eyelids.

***the swatches above are applied about 3 times using my fingers***

Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?
  • Pigmented rich eyeshadows: ✔-- Like I said above, I feel like it all depends on how you put the eyeshadow on and if you use a eye primer or not.
  • Universal Bronzer: ... If you can see the picture above where I swatched the bronzer (number 3) you can hardly tell there is any color there. When I wear my BB Cream the bronzer is obviously a little more noticeable. I don't know what to say about this because I did get a little tan over the weekend and I am a little tan in general. But the company is not talking about how pigmented it is and how it is universal and I'll give them that. I do use it to contour my nose and my jaw line every now and then though. I can layer it and layer it but i found that it gets hard to blend when I layer it more and more. 
  • Brightening Blush: ... I don't know why I'm having such a hard time reviewing this  I don't think its a blush... The packaging says highlighter I don't know why the website says brightening blush... are they the same thing? If they are then + I use it a lot as a highlighter and its subtle but so pretty. The glitter helps 
  • Glimmering Gloss: ✔ Okay as you can see (its number 2 on the swatch above) it is very glimmering but the only reason I have used it is because I don't have lipgloss.... I swear I have pretty makeup but don't have essentials  The main reason I don't like using it is because it's too thick and sticky and my hair gets stuck all over my lips
  • Very pretty colors
  • easily blendable
  • There are 8 shadows where 4 of them can be used together as the bronze-y smokey eye look or use the other 4 for a darker grey smokey eye look
  • It comes with a highlighter and bronzer
  • Not as pigmented as I wanted
  • Even though it blends very well, it can be rubbed off very easily (photo below)
  • Bronzer is not very noticeable and when layered, it's hard to blend
  • Lipgloss is too thick and sticky
Would I repurchase?
No I would not repurchase because it's $22.00. I'm cheap.... But I'm trying to compare the price to the Naked Palette is $50.00 but its super super pigmented and pretty. I rather save the $22 and save up for the Naked Palette instead
USE A PRIMER . It will keep the color on your eyes and help not crease. If you want a subtle look, use your fingers to apply the shadow. If you want more of a bold look, use a brush and pat the eyeshadow on your eyes. Something in the middle? Use a eye sponge applicator thing.

This was a pretty long and detailed review... but I feel like if you are going to go buy something, might as well get your money's worth right? No harm in doing a little research. With that said, don't just take my word for it, read other people's reviews too!

Thanks for reading!
Much Love,
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