Personal: Pool day

Hello lovelies~ 
So not too long ago my boyfriend and I went to this wave pool
Okay, okay, I have been posting so much personal posts... I promise to do a review soon. I'm about to review some lashes soon so stay tuned~ 

But for now, I'm going to make a camwhore post because I can~ 

The wave pool was so so so crowed! So many kids... ;;;
But it was really nice weather and I got some sun... but I haven't gotten dark enough to change my foundation routine (Thank goodness!)
But ugh, why do I always have that half double lid on one eye... 
I ordered a bikini from Syndrome but I have yet to get it.... so I had to get this $7 bikini at Gabe's... which wasn't too bad but I really want my pretty bikini ;;

I wanted to camwhore some more but once I got into the pool, my boyfriend decided it would be funny to go to the deep end... and I can't swim. So what does this mean? I get my hair all wet and I looked like a wet dog....  so no more camera after that haha.

Look at him talking on the phone like he is all that.
Haha just kidding~
I hope you guys are enjoying the summer~ Get some sun and make memories~
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