Personal: P90x

Okay, the fact that my phone auto corrected p90x shows how popular and well known this is.

Anyways, today is going to be the third day my boyfriend and I are going to do p90x and let me tell you, it's kicking my butt.
I have never worked out so hard in my life nor have I been so sore.
Ugh I hate it but I can't wait to just stick to it to the whole 90 days to see the results!

The thing I just hope is that I stick to it to the end.... you guys know how my motivation is >.>
Have you guys attempted p90x or even finished it?? How was it?

I hope you guys are enjoying the week so far!


Updates: Short posts

Hello lovelies!
Please excuse my silly face as I could not take a decent photo ;;;

So I have decided to do a weekly posts so I am not so inconsistent with blogging;;
I decided to do a new post every Friday with my usual detailed reviews or my newbie outfit posts
I am also in the process of making a YouTube account to post makeup  tutorials but I'm having a hard time to just get started :/

Anyways! Friday from now is pretty long ways but stay tuned for another review :)
If I'm not lazy I am deciding to post mini personal posts here and there (it's an excuse to post my selcas other than my tumblr LOL)

I hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Nail Care: Sally Hansen's Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener Review

Hello lovelies! 
It's been a couple of days since I last updated. I have been testing out products I bought in my drug store haul. I was also back at my parent's house for a week, hanging out with friends I haven't seen for a while so blogging definitely slipped my mind. 
Well, I am back to my home sweet home with review for you guys!

It is Sally Hansen's Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener. My last nail strengthener by Sally Hansen did not really impress me so let's see how this did! 

Overall: ★ ★ ★  
Wow, have I ever given a product 5 stars?!  Well, this product deserves all of them because it really works! Before the old nail strengthener I had which I did a review here (It was a while back so it isn't in the pretty and detailed format I do now), I did have another strengthener by Sally Hansen that had green tea in it. I absolutely loved it! I couldn't find the exact one I had but I found this one with green tea AND bamboo! Let me tell ya, it works wonders for my brittle, weak nails and its a bonus that this drys super fast!  I just recommend starting out with fresh cut nails if you are planning to grow them out. If you have chips and layers of the nails coming off, this will save your nail for another couple of days but not for the long run. I hate cutting my nails but you got to do what you got to do.

Let's look at the instructions and what the company claims:
Instructions: Base Coat: apply 1 coast to bare nails. Let dry. Top Coat: apply over nail color
Company's claims (according to what is written on the box and the website here):
  • Instantly stronger, more resilient nails! Guaranteed! 
  • Bonds & seals weak nail layers to resist breaking
  • A strengthening base & top coast that helps restore weak & fragile nails to healthy-looking resilience
  • Green tea & bamboo formula bonds & seals nail layers to help resist tearing, breaking & peelings
  • Results are longer, stronger nails that endure everyday wear & tear 
 The company loves the word resilient haha! Those are a lot of hope raising claims for people who have weak and brittle nails like me. So, what's true and what's not?

Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?

  • Instantly stronger, more resilient nails: ✔++ Oh my goodness, when they say instantly, they mean i it.  After you apply a base coat of this, you and feel your nails getting stronger, I mean it. If you go and pick up this product and try it for yourself, you'll know what I'm talking about. As for the resilient part, the word basically means to recover, spring back, going back to original form. I don't know if everyone is born with strong healthy nails, but if that is so, my nails are on the road to recovery!  
  • Bonds & seals weak nail layers to resist breaking, tearing & peelings: ✔++ I mentioned in my overall part of the review that if you have peelings, this will help your nails for another couple of days. After those days are up, the nail will chip off. So I feel like you really have to look at this claim word by word. They say it bonds and seals weak nail layers, not "it will save your already peeling nails."  So I have to give this a check plus, plus because when you apply it onto freshly cut nails, I haven't seen any peeling of my nails or chipping! That's why I highly recommend cutting those nails down and starting fresh.
  • Helps restore weak & fragile nails to healthy-looking resilience: ✔+Like I mentioned above, I don't know if everyone is born with strong healthy nails  (hence the lack of the last plus), but if that is the case, I really do feel like this product helps my nails go back to the strong healthy stage.
  • Longer, stronger nails that endure everyday wear & tear: ✔+ Stronger, YES YES YES. I do a lot of  house work which is usually the cause of my chipping and peeling nails. I am also very clumsy, hitting my hand on the corner of the counter and other places, even worse for my nails!   his product definitely helps my nails go through the stress I put them through. The reason why this lacks one more plus is that this does not produce longer nails. With the right care along with this product will result in longer nails. It makes sense: Stronger healthier nails = more of a chance to grow longer. Results may vary as they say! 
  • Dries super fast
  • Definitely strengthens weak brittle nails
  • I really like the matte finishing on the bottle 
  • I honestly can't think of one 
Would I repurchase?
I can't remember what I paid for at Walgreens but you can find it for $8.00 at ulta. You can probably find it at your local drug store for around the same price. My love for long nails will drive me to buy this again once I run out. 

Start with FRESH cut/trimmed nails. I sound like a broken record but this will result in no chipping nails from the already done damaged by the peeling nails. There is nothing worse than your nails growing and breaking, right before you reach your desired length. I also recommend using this as a base coast instead of a top coat. There is nothing wrong to use it for both but it's suppose to strengthen your nails, how is the product suppose to fight through the several layers of your colored polish to do what it is supposed to do? I'm just saying, help the product and yourself out, use it as a base coat. 

That was quite some detail wasn't it?  I feel like my reviews are quite long and detailed, that's why I put a overall section on the top for those who are lazy to read like me. Sometimes I like reading detailed reviews, especially on products that are a little more pricey. 
I hope you guys are finding my reviews helpful, if there are any tips you have for me to improve my review posts, feel free to leave a comment! 


Drug Store Haul

Hello lovelies! 
I went on a drug store rampage the other day and here is all the things I got!
I hope to do a review on everything soon!

Has anyone tried any of these products? Anything I should check out the next time I'm at the drug store?
Stay tuned for reviews!

Wig Review: Ebay Wig by wig4u2012

Hello lovelies!
I bought my first wig a week ago and I wanted to share with you guys a quick review.
The seller is wig4u2012 on Ebay and this is the wig I got if you want to check it out.
On to the review!

Overall: ★ ★ ★  
I love how the seller was in the states so I didn't have to wait 2 weeks for it!  The only bad thing about it was that the color of the wig was way lighter than what I expected and the pictures I took make the wig look even lighter. I couldn't really take a picture to show its true color. Other than that, the wig is cheap but great quality with really fast FREE shipping.

Product Details:
These are the pictures on the website:

  • Great quality
  • Full wig
  • Light Brown, not really like the picture
  • The bangs are a little longer than what I expected
  • "High Quality 100% Korean Heat Resistant Kanekalon Synthetic Fiber" Is what they have listed. I don't know how to prove this but the wig looks really natural 
  • Soft
  • Can be adjusted
  • The inside of the wig has a webbing:

Order Details:
There really isn't anything to go detail into. There is no color choice, just one. All you have to do is click no the buy button. It is listed as $19.99
Shipping Details:
The seller is from Iowa who offers free expedited shipping which means you will get it within 2-4 days! Mine came within 3 days 

As I mentioned before, the bangs a lot longer and because of my dark eyebrows the wig looks hideous on me  So I trimmed it up a little and I must say I love it way more afterwards 

Overall, I'm happy with my wig. The main reason I bought it was because I was getting tired of how slow my hair was growing. I'll probably buy more wigs from this seller again 
If you guys buy wigs where do you guys buy them? If you guys have any suggestions for me, feel free to leave a comment!
Thanks for reading

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