Outfit of The Day/ Face of The Day: A Night Out

Hello lovelies~ 

A couple days ago, I decided to doll up a bit because my boyfriend and I were going out to dinner then out to town with his cousin.

I loved how my makeup turned out so I decided to do quick outfit of the day/ face of the day post. This is my excuse to make a camwhore post 

Please excuse my awkward posing towards the end when I try to show you guys my outfit...  combined with terrible camera angle and lighting. I have yet to figure out how to get that perfect area for outfit pictures so hang in there 

Look at my crazy haiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I am in love with these shoes!
I got them for about $20.00 on ebay.
It's a bit loose on me but I guess my feet shrunk or something... I usually wear a 7 and a half (which is the size I ordered) and it's a bit loose.

I have been shoe shopping too and it seems like I'm back to wearing a size 7...

Thanks for bearing with me with this short post where I wasn't blabbering about and making you look at my pictures lol

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