Makeup Review: Wet & Wild Color Icon Blusher (833E)

Happy Friday!
Excuse my awkward face as I try to model the product. As you can tell by the title, I'm going to be reviewing another Wet & Wild product! This time a blusher in 833E.

Overall: ★ ★   

So, this was my first blusher and it was really hard to figure out what color will suit me naturally. I usually don't wear blusher because I already have this reddish tint on my cheeks that once my BB cream sets a little, it shows as through like I am wearing a blush. I bought this because I did want to try that higher blush look I have been seeing on tumblr. I think it's like a harajuku look I'm not too sure. But anyways, this blusher is pretty good! It looks super pigmented but it's really sheer when you blend it out. You can always add more for a more dramatic look. I like to use this more as eye shadow then blush honestly. The bad thing about this is that it's suppose to be long lasting but I saw it wear off throughout the day, even used as a shadow (with primer!). And if you see the product, it get really like "dusty" which can be very messy and a pain to clean. As for the brush that comes with it, I don't like it. I can't get to apply the blush evenly with it.

See how like powdery it got? This is after just a couple of uses

Above are swatches applied once with a finger and once with the blush that came with the product

What the company claims (found here):
Sweep on this silky-smooth blush that strikes the perfect balance between a blendable transparent sheen and a radiant pop of maximum color. A special blend of treated nylon powders provides long-lasting color. Dermatologist-tested. 
 Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?

  • Silky-smooth blush: ✔+ I got to say, this is really smooth. It goes on well and it gets picked up by my blush brush (not the brush that came with it) very well.
  • Blendable: ✔+ This product is very easily blendable! When I first put it on I was like "omg its way too pigmented!!" And when I blended it out, it was this nice sheer pinkish redish color that, surprisingly, looked pretty good on me. You can of course layer it for more of a dramatic look.
  • Long-lasting color: ✔- It lasts throughout the day, but not as the same color. By the end of the day, the blush is even more sheer than what I have started out with. The color fades but not completely so a check minus

  • Very blendable
  • Very pigmented! I love using this as a shadow with a eyeshadow sponge
  • Cheap and compact

  • It gets very powdery after a couple of uses. A pain in the butt to clean.
  • I can't seem to apply the blush evenly with the brush that came with it. I don't know if this is my fault or the brush. The brush itself feels pretty soft

Would I repurchase?

For a pretty good blush I got for $2.99 at Walgreens, why not. I do want to try other blushes first though, but I think this was a good starter blush for me.


Use your own blush brush! It will save you time from experimenting with the brush that came with it. Once you have the product on the brush, tap the excess (of course) and don't be alarmed by the pigmented look when you first swipe it on. Blend blend blend blend! Also, try to use it as an eye shadow with an eyeshadow sponge. The color is gorgeous on the eyes and you can make that harakuju look very easily with it.

Look guys! It's my baby Ginger! 
Was it weird reading my blog post without the cute little emoticons I usually throw in there? It's easy on my eyes to have that break inbetween what I'm reading but I got lazy today~ If you guys like it more if the emoticons let me know! I know it's easy on my eyes and if it is easy on yours and helps you read through my long and detailed reviews, I'll take the extra 5 minutes to throw those in there.
Anyways, I didn't have good quality pictures with my bunny so here is a little spam!

I love her so muchhhhhh she is so cute!!! And fat and fluffy oh my goodness lol.
Do you guys have pets? I love animals but who doesn't?
Anyways, thank you guys for reading! I hope this helped! Until next friday

Personal: Some life planning

Hello lovelies!
Did you guys miss me last Friday? Would you guys like to listen to my excuses again? ;;;
My boyfriend was out of town, which he is often due to his job. He was suppose to come back home on Wednesday but he didn't... which affected my mood quite a bit. I usually get all dolled up and what not and take photos on Thursday for the weekly post on Fridays. Not knowing when my boo was coming home, I literally laid on the couch mopping around from when I heard the news to when he finally came home the next day.... Yeah he came home on Thursday around noon. Making me look like a child crying around for nothing.
With all my mopping around and being a cry baby, I did not doll up at all. Instead I laid there in sweats, a sweater, bed head, and my ugly glasses.

But putting this little event aside, a couple of things has been happening to me and I thought I would share with you guys since I haven't really done a personal post to catch everyone up with what's been going on with my life (since everyone loves drama... lol jk I don't have drama in my life)

If you guys follow me on instagram (@gksql) you guys know I adopted a bunny about 3 weeks ago!

I believe she is a Chinchilla rabbit with some other things mixed into it. I'm not too sure and the previous owner didn't know either. But by the looks of her dewlap (which looks like rolls of extra fat or skin. this is completely normal in bunnies) below her chin, above her little front arms, and on her butt, along with the fur where when you blow on it, it makes a little ring. Her name is Ginger and is 5 years old. She is an oldie and still needs to get fixed so she can live a longer life. Did you know bunnies live up to 10 years? That's like as long as owning a dog!
But let me tell you... dogs are so much easier to take care of and I think is less expensive. For a bunny you have to be so so SO patient while training them (yeah, I know! You can train these little cuties). And since they don't bark and wag their tail or whimper, it's really hard to tell what they are feeling and what they are in the mood to tolerate.
Anyways, I'm not going to bore you guys with all the responsibilities it comes with being a bunny owner.
The reason my boo and I decided to get a bunny was 1.) because our landlord won't allow cats or dogs but gave us an okay on small caged animal (what they don't know is that Ginger is about 4.5lbs and she runs around the house freely like a dog) and 2.) It was a test on how well we would take care of it... like a baby... and trust me I have been babying that cute fatty so much that my boo even got jealous haha. Unfortunately, Ginger got GI stasis about a week ago which can be fatal for bunnies if it is not treated in 24hrs. This was really stressful for me because Justin was out of town and I was home.... and I don't drive. I ended up calling so many different vets, calling a taxi and spending around $300 that day. Even when I came home the stress wasn't over. Ginger was still very uncomfortable and very much in pain. I had to have the owner of this ONLY bunny rescue group  around my area to come and check up on Ginger. She gave Ginger some more stuff hoping that she will finally poop, along with lots and lots of tips to prevent another episode of the evil GI stasis. It was about 3am when Ginger starting hopping back and forth to her litter box. She even woke me up around 7 like she usually does! When I checked the litter box, it was filled with poop! Which for once I did not dread cleaning it up.
This emotional episode really showed me how much I was in love with Ginger already. I mean I wanted a bunny ever since I can remember but I love her sassy attitude along with all her fluffy fatness. I honestly thing the sassy attitude will tone down a bit after we get her fixed.

So that's a whole section on my baby, let me talk a little bit about myself.
The following Friday after I was being a big cry baby, we had made a promise to my mom to visit her up in Virginia for her birthday. So we packed our things (even Ginger came along) and headed off to see her. Ginger takes car rides surprisingly well and adjusted to my parents house very quickly, which took a lot of stress off my back. Knowing Ginger was comfortable and in a safe place, Justin and I hung out with my sisters for a bit and then all went to dinner with my parents.
We had Korean BBQ which Justin and I both haven't had in a while! When we got out of the car, Justin was acting a little strange... like nervous and what not. And then it hit me... he was going to propose. I knew he got the ring but I just didn't know when he was going to pop the big question. That evening, as I looked like poop with my carelessly done hair with a no makeup face, I immediately turned to him and said "you better not do it in front of my parents." 1.) I looked like poop and I told him months before that when he proposes I must be wearing makeup and a nice outfit. 2.) I just felt awkward with the thought of Justin asking the big question and sealing it with a kiss in front of my parents and sisters.
With that being said, he listened to me as our dinner came to an end. We went to another restaurant so my parents can have an appetizer and some beer. With our food ordered and what not, my mom says "Tonight is a very special night so I'm going to have to record this" and hold up her phone as Justin gets up out of his chair. I'm thinking oh my goodness is this really happening. Oh this is happening oh boy oh boy I thought as Justin got on one knee and presented this beautiful ring to me

At that time, I was nervous and everything just went by so fast. I forgot I looked like poop and that we were in front of our parents as Justin tried to ask me to marry him in Korean. Even though he may have butchered the pronunciation, the effort meant so much to me. Of course I said yes! and we sealed it with a kiss while all the strangers at the restaurant cheered (which was great it was like I was in a movie lol)

I haven't told any of my friend really, and I wasn't going to share this news (other than with family) until Justin and I got engagement photos done, but how can I contain myself from showing everyone this beautiful ring?
So another emotional event as happened! I am one step closer to being his Mrs. Now, I can sit here and talk about how I'm 19 and he is 26, how I am way too young, how the age difference is too high, how we are moving too fast, etc. It's honestly not worth the effort because I'll sound like a broken record and those who know me, knows that it was my dream since forever to get married at the age of 20 (which I'm turning this December), kids by 25, and be a stay at home mom with two cute little boys of my own. Justin and I decided to get legally married for now and save up for a summer wedding since most of my friends are college students this till give them time to come to the wedding without interfering with their school schedule.

With this life changing event, I had to get my priorities straight, meaning my dream of having beautiful children and being a stay at home mom v.s. going to college and focusing on my future career. A talk with Justin and a talk with my good friend Phil, I have decided to skip college and focus on having a family instead. Justin is on his way to getting promoted very soon and slowly but surely we are becoming more and more financially stable just with his income. I still think I'm way too young to have a kid right now and the thought of how my mom was actually pregnant at my age, it is kind of scary. I can honestly say that I am not ready for a kid yet (even though Justin is so so SOOOOO ready lol). So last night, Justin and I agreed that we will try for a baby once we get the car payment paid off, which he said will take another good 2 years. This gives us time to look for a house, save up, and get ready for babies!

So what am I going to do? I'm going to work. I much rather work than go to school anyways. I decided to look for a job as a teller at a bank! It pays decent and it'll basically be house decorating money/ shopping money for me.

I was quite hesitant about sharing the news of my engagement on my blog because some of my friends and not really friends read my posts. I don't mind my friends reading of course but my not so much friends.... I just don't like being talked about my life. You can talk bad about me and what I do and blah but I just don't like it when people talk about my personal life. But I wanted to share with my kind blog readers and supporters on what was going on in my life. I'm going to get all dolled up today for a review tomorrow so stay tuned!


Makeup Review: Wet & Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Cherry Frost (514A)

Hello lovelies! 
Once again happy Friday! I got a haircut recently.... I was getting really tired of my hair so I chopped it off. Another step away from my goal of having long hair!! Wow... I can't believe it's already the middle of August. Everyone is going back to school and everything. Anyways, today I'm going to review Wet & Wild's Lipstick

Overall: ★ ★   

Now this rating is a combination of how it did compared to the company's claims and the color of the lipstick. The company didn't say much about the product other than it will have a moist finish. I mean it didn't have a matte finish so... but it also did not have a noticeable "moist" look. It doesn't feel sticky either so that's a plus. As for the color, if you look down below, the color looks like a really nice red color...which was what I was wanting but when I put it on it looked more pinkish than red. Far away (as you can tell by the pictures) it looks like the color I wanted, but up close, it looks more pinkish. It lasts a pretty long time too! That is if you're not constantly licking your lips, eating, or drinking. 

please excuse my ugly nails 

 What the company claims (found here):
Enriched with conditioning ingredients of Vitamins A & E and Aloe Vera for moist-looking lips.

I don't know if you can tell but if you look closely at the lipstick and my lips, the color doesn't really match

Doesn't it look more pink than red?

 Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?
  • Moist-looking lips:  I'll give it a check because it didn't have a totally opposite effect and was matte. It doesn't look noticeably moist though as I mentioned above. But you have pictures to look at yourself to be the judge! 
  • Cheap cheap cheap!
  • Very smooth and a rich color (but make sure you blot or else it'll go everywhere!)
  • Isn't sticky
  • Feels kinda creamy
  • Lasts pretty long
  • The color is a little off
Would I repurchase?

For a product that only cost me $0.99 at my local drug store...why not! I probably won't get the same color but i'll try the different ones they have. For something that costs that cheap, I'm pretty pleased with it.


Using a lip brush would be ideal , if not just put some product in the middle of your lips and blend out. I found that if I just use the lipstick all over my lips, it's way too much product and it just gets messy. Make sure you blot too! It's not going to stay on your lips very long if you don't. I also recommend using a lip balm before putting this on.

I hope you liked my review! I have never reviewed a lipstick before. I do have a M.A.C one too... I have never spent so much on lip products buying that lipstick  but I really like it so no complaints!
What should I do for my next blog post? I found this picture of Ga In posing for NYLON and her makeup is gorgeous there! Maybe a makeup tutorial...?? More reviews?? Let me know my lovelies~!


Makeup Review: L'oreal's Voluminous False-Fiber Lashes Mascara.

Hello lovelies!  
It's Friday again! I am back today to do a review on L'oreal's Voluminous False-Fiber Lashes Mascara. Excuse my picture as I hold the product upside down..;;; 

Overall: ★ ★   

So the product I got was not waterproof... I didn't pay attention  to which one I was getting because the store clerk was looking at me all weird (well in her defense I was at the drug store for about an hour buying my makeup...) I usually never get mascaras that are not waterproof. Anyways, The reason I gave this product a 2 is because it really does not do much for me . It was suppose to voluminous my lashes, lengthen, and also hold the curls. I had a fiber mascara a while ago by Fairydrops and it did pretty good... it was just a little pricey so that's why I tried a drug store one. This mascara did lengthen a little but in the other departments... it failed. It's okay, my lashes are stubborn to keep the curl because of my thick monolids. But for my fellow monolids.... THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. I heard really good reviews done by people with double lids and they seem to like it... but apparently the product dries out real quick. Do your research! 

What the company claims (found here):
The power of sculpting fibers give you an outrageous, false lash look from any angle with this fiber volumizing mascara by L'oreal.

  • Incomparably volumized
  • Extended new lengths
  • Infinitely structured
  • Incredibly curled

  • Here are my lashes with nothing done to them. As you can see they are flat as they can be but I do have quite a lot of lashes and quite long (in my opinion)

    This is after I have curled and put the mascara on. As you can see, it really didn't do much on volumizing. I sat there and let the mascara dry as I looked down (because with wet mascara I need to look down or else it gets all over my lids). This is how it looked like after it had completely dried. After about 45 minutes however... they were back to being flat .

    They look so nice in this angle... only if it looked as good as this angle showed.

    Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?
    • Volumized: ✔- Okay, this is a check minus because compared to my no mascara lashes to my mascara lashes... they are voluminzed and a little thicker looking, especially towards the ends of my lashes so I can't give it a complete X
    • Extended new lengths: X New lengths? Like they have never been longer? Assuming this assumption on what they are trying say, then no, it is a big fat X. They definitely have been longer with my Falsies Mascara by Maybelline
    • Structured: ?? l'm not sure what they are trying to say with this... Sorry guys
    • Curled: X The mascara did not keep hold of my curls at all and if a mascara can't hold my curls, it's pretty much poop to me


    • Nice thin brush that gets into the corners of the lashes and lower lashes 
    • It can be used as a little pick-me-up mascara when you don't want dramatic lashes but still want to have that coated-lashes look
    • Easy to remove


    • Doesn't hold my curls
    • Takes a while to dry which is super annoying for me because of my thick monolids.
    • I can't seem to layer it. The more I put on my lashes, the more my lashes are weighed down which I'm not used to . My Falsies mascara I can put as much as I want, layers on layers. The Fairydrops mascara I just had to use one to two coats to get the length and volume I wanted

    Would I repurchase?
    Definitely not. I think I bought it at Walgreens for about $9.00. I rather repurchases my Falsies Mascara.

    I don't recommend multiple coats of this mascara. It weighs down my lashes the more I put on so make sure your first coat is through. If you guys have monolids like I do, I recommend to be patient, look down and let your mascara fully dry. This will help at least keep the curls... even if it is a little bit. I like using this on my bottom lashes because it gives it that definition without me worrying about anything. The only bad thing is that this isn't waterproof... if it was I would always use it on my bottom lashes.

    Thank you for reading lovelies! I hope this review helped!
    I've been doing a lot of drug store reviews lately... Well, I did go on that drug store haul a while ago.
    I haven't bought any high end brands or Korean/ Japanese brands to do a review on because I'm broke  I want to buy some stuff on Sasa... we'll see how that goes, me trying to spend the money I don't have.
    Have a wonderful weekend guys! It's suppose to be rainy and humid all weekend here so poop. 
    How was your week and how does your weekend look?

    Skin Care Review: Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

    Hello lovelies! Happy Friday! 
    I am here today with a skin care review! I have had this product for a while now and I thought I'd give it a good and detailed review. 
    So, before we go into detail, let's see how it did overall:

    Overall: ★ ★ ★  
    Biore seems to be a popular brand among Japanese bloggers as a cheap and affordable brand. With that in mind, I went ahead and bought this cleanser. It does do some work as there is 2% salicylic acid, an acne fighting chemical. What I mean by "some work" is that it does dry up that pimple your face decided to grow. I recommend using this at night  so your sleeping body can work with the product to get rid of that nasty zit. In the morning, it will be still gross looking (it doesn't work miracles..) but it will have reduced in size and have dried up. This product leaves your face feeling squeaky clean and a nice cool feeling. The reason why I gave it 3 stars out of 5 was that it really does not live up to the hype the company gave it. It says it removes 99% of the dirt and oil but it is gentle enough to use everyday. I don't think those two statements should go together... the more of the natural oil you remove from your face everyday, the more your skin is going to hate you.

    What the company claims:

    • Invigorates and cools as it removes over 99% of dirt and oil that can cause blemishes.
    •  liquid cleanser that helps to stop blemishes cold and leaves your skin feeling fresh and vibrant.
    • This formula, with an active blemish-fighting ingredient salicylic acid, helps stop blemishes and clear up blackheads.
    • Gentle enough for everyday use, effectively control blemishes and prevent future breakouts with this daily cleanser.

    Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?
    • Removes over 99% of dirt and oil:  As you know, I am an average blogger who does not have access to labs to test this.  The test I have tried was using a toner. A toner is suppose to get rid of all the excess dirt your cleanser didn't clean or the dirt your skin picked up from using a used towel. For the past 2 weeks I have been using this every 3 days. I would wash my face with this, pat my face with a clean towel, leaving my skin a little damp. I then went in with my toner and my cotton pad. When I looked, the cotton pad was a little tinted from the dirt the cleanser missed . So I can't really say it got 99% of the dirt and oil out of my face and judging from that test and the feel of my skin, it probably did get a good 90% of the dirt  and oil out.
    • Stop blemishes cold and leaves your skin feeling fresh and vibrant: ✔+ Now, this wasn't a miracle worker as it does not stop blemishes right on the spot. It does "dry" the pimple you already have by the time you wake up the next morning, which means the product is working it's magic with the salicylic acid . The size of the pimple also seems reduce in size the next morning. As for leaving your skin feeling fresh and vibrant, I really do agree. Have you guys ever washed dishes by hand? Well if you have, its that same squeaky clean feeling your dishes have after the wash but on your face. The "cool" feeling the cleanser leaves behind definitely helps your skin feel fresh and clean from all that dirt your skin handled throughout the day 
    • Clears up blackheads: X  Honestly, I had no idea that the product was suppose to clear up my blackheads. I don't know why companies even bother putting this claim on there.... I have never seen a cleanser that clears up blackheads. Anyways, this is the same old same old with my experiences with cleansers saying that it clears up blackheads. The tiny little black needle points are still hanging out on my nose waiting to be pulled out by a nose mask.
    • Gentle enough for everyday use: X I have very sensitive skin and I suggest to all my sensitive skin beauties to take clear of using a product with salicylic acid everyday. You know what, just to be on the safe side, I don't think anyone should use a product with salicylic acid everyday. I learned this the hard way. I took the company's claim and used it every night when I first got it. By the end of the week, my cheeks, forehead, and chin were dry and shedding like crazy. I had to stop using the product for a long time and exfoliate every 3 days to make my skin come back to how it was normally. For my skin to recover from the flaky dryness took at least a month too... So don't risk it and do not use this product everyday.


    • Leaves a "cool" feeling to your face
    • Your skin feels squeaky clean
    • A good cleanser to use every 2-3 days to help control blemishes (of course with consistency and time)
    • Cheap!
    • 2% of that hard working salicylic acid

    • Is not a gentle cleanser that you can use everyday
    • The 2% salicylic acid is enough to damage your skin and dry it up if used everyday
    • Works very slowly to get rid of the pimples you already have

    Would I repurchase?
    The only other cleanser I used that was made to keep blemishes under control and prevent your skin from having new ones was St. Ives' Green Tea Cleanser (not the scrub) which happens to be a little cheaper but harder to find . I wish I can find it but it really works wonders on your skin. I bought this Biore cleanser for about $8.00 at CVS as a replacement. It's really affordable and I would repurchase if I still cannot get my hands on St. Ives' cleanser .

    Use it at night! Your skin will thank you for the little boost as it fights that yucky zit off your face. Also, do not use it everyday! Use it at max every other day. If you have sensitive skin like me, go for about every 3-4 days. You really do have to experiment though, your skin may not react the same day as my skin did.

    Are you guys excited for the weekend? 

    My boyfriend and I have lots planned... we are going to be so exhausted after this weekend is over . On Saturday we are going to a golf tournament my boyfriend signed up for, then going to meet up with a nice lady to adopt her 5 year old holland lop from her (which I am more than excited about ), then we have a wedding reception to attend to that night. On Sunday we are driving down to my boyfriend's parent's house to see if his step-grandpa can sell his car. 

    How are your weekends looking like?
    Thank you for reading! I hope my review has helped!
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