Makeup Review: L'oreal's Voluminous False-Fiber Lashes Mascara.

Hello lovelies!  
It's Friday again! I am back today to do a review on L'oreal's Voluminous False-Fiber Lashes Mascara. Excuse my picture as I hold the product upside down..;;; 

Overall: ★ ★   

So the product I got was not waterproof... I didn't pay attention  to which one I was getting because the store clerk was looking at me all weird (well in her defense I was at the drug store for about an hour buying my makeup...) I usually never get mascaras that are not waterproof. Anyways, The reason I gave this product a 2 is because it really does not do much for me . It was suppose to voluminous my lashes, lengthen, and also hold the curls. I had a fiber mascara a while ago by Fairydrops and it did pretty good... it was just a little pricey so that's why I tried a drug store one. This mascara did lengthen a little but in the other departments... it failed. It's okay, my lashes are stubborn to keep the curl because of my thick monolids. But for my fellow monolids.... THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. I heard really good reviews done by people with double lids and they seem to like it... but apparently the product dries out real quick. Do your research! 

What the company claims (found here):
The power of sculpting fibers give you an outrageous, false lash look from any angle with this fiber volumizing mascara by L'oreal.

  • Incomparably volumized
  • Extended new lengths
  • Infinitely structured
  • Incredibly curled

  • Here are my lashes with nothing done to them. As you can see they are flat as they can be but I do have quite a lot of lashes and quite long (in my opinion)

    This is after I have curled and put the mascara on. As you can see, it really didn't do much on volumizing. I sat there and let the mascara dry as I looked down (because with wet mascara I need to look down or else it gets all over my lids). This is how it looked like after it had completely dried. After about 45 minutes however... they were back to being flat .

    They look so nice in this angle... only if it looked as good as this angle showed.

    Did it live up to what it is suppose to do?
    • Volumized: ✔- Okay, this is a check minus because compared to my no mascara lashes to my mascara lashes... they are voluminzed and a little thicker looking, especially towards the ends of my lashes so I can't give it a complete X
    • Extended new lengths: X New lengths? Like they have never been longer? Assuming this assumption on what they are trying say, then no, it is a big fat X. They definitely have been longer with my Falsies Mascara by Maybelline
    • Structured: ?? l'm not sure what they are trying to say with this... Sorry guys
    • Curled: X The mascara did not keep hold of my curls at all and if a mascara can't hold my curls, it's pretty much poop to me


    • Nice thin brush that gets into the corners of the lashes and lower lashes 
    • It can be used as a little pick-me-up mascara when you don't want dramatic lashes but still want to have that coated-lashes look
    • Easy to remove


    • Doesn't hold my curls
    • Takes a while to dry which is super annoying for me because of my thick monolids.
    • I can't seem to layer it. The more I put on my lashes, the more my lashes are weighed down which I'm not used to . My Falsies mascara I can put as much as I want, layers on layers. The Fairydrops mascara I just had to use one to two coats to get the length and volume I wanted

    Would I repurchase?
    Definitely not. I think I bought it at Walgreens for about $9.00. I rather repurchases my Falsies Mascara.

    I don't recommend multiple coats of this mascara. It weighs down my lashes the more I put on so make sure your first coat is through. If you guys have monolids like I do, I recommend to be patient, look down and let your mascara fully dry. This will help at least keep the curls... even if it is a little bit. I like using this on my bottom lashes because it gives it that definition without me worrying about anything. The only bad thing is that this isn't waterproof... if it was I would always use it on my bottom lashes.

    Thank you for reading lovelies! I hope this review helped!
    I've been doing a lot of drug store reviews lately... Well, I did go on that drug store haul a while ago.
    I haven't bought any high end brands or Korean/ Japanese brands to do a review on because I'm broke  I want to buy some stuff on Sasa... we'll see how that goes, me trying to spend the money I don't have.
    Have a wonderful weekend guys! It's suppose to be rainy and humid all weekend here so poop. 
    How was your week and how does your weekend look?
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