Makeup Tutorial: Monolids 101

Hello lovelies! It has been a while!
Today I am here to talk a little more about monolids for my fellow monoliders and how you can go from monolid to double lid without much trouble. Like always, I have labeled each section so you can skip around if you want.

Monolids v.s. Hooded Lids v.s. Double Lids

Let start with the most obvious and easiest, double eye lids. These eyelids have a visible crease and pretty predominate in Caucasians.

See how she has a defined crease?

Next, The hooded lids are often mistaken for monolids. Hooded lids have a crease but sometimes isn't visible because their eyelid skin acts like a "hood," covering that crease. They also kinda looks like droopy lids

Now, monolids do not have a crease what so ever. If you look below on the next section, you can see how my eyes have no crease at all. They also have more fatty tissue compared to hooded or double lids. The lid feels kind of squishy when you touch them compared to when you touch double lids. I feel like there are two types of monolids, thick ones and thin ones which I will explain on the next section.

For more detailed and a more "proper" explanation of the different eye lids, you can check out this website. It explains all the types of eyelids and why they look the way they do. The main factor is the bone structure around your eyes along with that fatty tissue in your eyelid. Isn't that interesting? I always had a thing for anatomy.

My Monolid Eyes, Thin and Thick.

These are my monolid eyes. As you can see, like everyone else, my eyes are not symmetrical which is very annoying when putting makeup on. This is where I categorize monolids to two different ones, thin and thick.

If you look at the left eye, you can see this "crease." You might be wondering if this is a double eyelid and its not! This "crease" comes and goes and is not as defined as the photo I have attached above. Go head, take the time, scroll up and compare! This is why I call it a "thin" monolid because it tends to crease like that every now and then. A well known "thin" monolider is the youtuber From Head to Toe. She can easily make a double eyelid by wearing the double eyelid tape. Those who have thick monolids know the struggles of how double eyelid tape does not work, another way to figure out if you have thin or thick monolids.

The right one however, there is no crease visible what so ever, my thick monolid. No matter how hard I try with just double eyelid tape, I cannot get a double eyelid because there is too much extra fatty tissue for the tape to hold up. A well known "thick" monolider is the youtuber AngelaMinjiKim

With all these information on how my eyelids work, lets get to how to get that double eyelid using just a couple of tools

Monolid to Double lid

What you need: Eyelid tape, eyelash glue or eyelid glue, small scissors, an opened bobby pin, primer (optional)

If you are planning to put makeup on, (which you should to make the double lids look more natural), I like to prime before I put my tape and glue on.

Take your double eyelid tape and cut a thin piece out of it along the curved side. The thin one will be used for my thin monolid and the original one will be used on my thick monolid

Mark where you want your crease to be, this is where you are going to be putting the eyelid tape.

This is what it looks like with just the tape. Unfortunately, tape does not hold up for too long that is why we are going to use glue too!

Take a little bit of glue (I squeezed too much on the photo) on to the end of the bobby pin

Apply a thin layer of glue right on top of the tape, don't worry about being perfectly on the tape. Let it sit for a little bit to get tacky then take your bobby pin, line it up with the corners and push in. Don't be afraid it does not hurt one bit! Take the bobby pin out and try to look up, letting the glue set.

This is how it looks like when my eyes are closed. The thing I like about this is that you can't see the tape and the only thing you see is that disconnect line. Looks like I just got eyelid surgery in my opinion.

Repeat on the other eye, add some makeup and your done! 

Another Way?

Another way to achieve double eyelids are using false lashes with a thick band and glue it as close to the lash line as possible. Because the band is so thick, it will help open your eyes from the lash line and crease a crease on your eyelid. I don't have pictures to show you but if you experiment you'll get what I mean.

Please keep in mind not to do this everyday. The constant use of eyelid glue and tape might have negative long term effects. I have only done this one other time. The only reason I do this is for fun or when I feel like it.

On a more serious note...

Many think that many people go under the knife for eyelid surgery or using eyelid tape and glue to look more Caucasian. This is not true. It is as ridiculous as saying that people who tan are trying to be like African Americans. My culture loves fair and youthful skin like snow white's, petite and slender bodies, and yes, bigger eyes. Bigger eyes makes you look youthful! Look at little kids and how huge their eyes look compared to their face proportions. They are adorable no? Have you visited the website tat describes the different eyelids? It keeps talking about looking younger just by doing a little nip and tuck on the eyes.

I hated my eyes when I started to gain and interest in makeup because most of the makeup gurus have double eyelids! I always wanted double eyelids so I can wear makeup like them. After some time, I got used to my annoying monolids. If I was given the chance to go under the knife, I wouldn't mind at all. Why say no to a procedure that will make you look youthful (and for me look a little less like a serial killer when I'm not smiling)? For now, I'm happy with my eyes and I just like experimenting with makeup and want to help other monolids who is struggling to get used to wearing makeup.

With that being said, I would appreciate it if you guys would not post rude and ignorant comments. But like always, I welcome constructive criticism on how I can be a better blogger for my readers

I hope you learned something from this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it!
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