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Did you guys have a fun Halloween yesterday? Today's Friday post is kind of going to be a review but also kind of a science/research paper type post.
Like always, I have labeled each section if you don't want to read all the technical stuff and just read my experience with it!

About Biotin

On a science-y note, these are B Complex Vitamins or Vitamin H and a vitamin that is found in number of foods in small amounts. A dermatologist, Dr. Susan Stuart said that these are "important in metabolism, helping your body to process energy and transporting carbon dioxide from your body's cells." I'm not sure what all this means but it sounds pretty important like any other vitamins out there.

But, taking biotin pills are known for making hair stronger and shinier, skin healthier, and thicker nails. Does this simple soft, and stinky might I add, pill really bring beauty benefits?

From a lot of the articles I have read about biotin all had one thing in common: There is not enough evidence to prove that biotin actually lives up to what it is highly known for. In fact, a lot of dermatologist and doctors argues that it isn't clear what role biotin actually plays. These articles also agree that it might be effective for treating and preventing biotin deficiency, which is quite rare to have. Kinda makes sense right? You take iron and eat more food with iron in it to help with iron deficiency. If you have a healthy and balanced diet, you really shouldn't have to take biotin pills because there is enough in the food you eat. Our bodies even recycles the biotin we've already used! However, Webmd notes that biotin in food is usually attached to protein and has relatively poor absorption. Biotin should be taken with other B-group vitamins like pantothenic acid (B5) and cyanocobamin (B12), along with Vitamin C and sulfur.

This mysterious supplement is also a mystery when it comes to negative effects. There might be some trouble when eaten with raw egg whites for a long period of time, but I don't think anyone does this anymore other than maybe body builders and athletes?

What did biotin do to you?

I went and bought a thing of biotin from a grocery store. It said to take 2 pills a day, preferably with a meal. I only took 1 a day because I didn't know how my body was going to handle it. I did this for about a little over a month.

First few days, I saw no change in my skin, nails, or hair. I knew hair would be hardest to determine because my hair is already really thick and shiny. The only time they are dry is right after I take a shower. This is probably because of the shampoo I'm using. I think it is the same when you use a harsh facial cleanser, stripping all of your natural oils off your face.

By the time the 1st week was over, I started breaking out. Of course I had no idea why at first. My skin care was the same, my diet was the same. The only thing different was that I was taking the biotin supplement. So, I went ahead and googled if this was normal. There were many people who broke out, and many who didn't. The suggestions were drink more water and take other vitamins with it, both a pretty logical suggestions.

On a technical note, there isn't enough scientific data to prove that biotin is associated to acne, and therefore, hard to tell if biotin will break you out or not. Livestrong suggests NOT to take a multivitamin so you don't get too much iodine, which causes acne and makes existing acne worse, vitamin B6 or vitamin B12, which are associated with acne-like skin eruptions.

Unfortunately, I did not know that I should not take other vitamins! I went ahead and drank more water, which seemed like it was doing the trick, but as soon as I stopped drinking as much, the breakouts would come back. When I started taking a multivitamin, the breakouts were worse.

The Positives

Aside from the annoying pizza face, my nails did have a noticeable change!

My nails are usually really brittle, thin, and peels a lot. My go to products for my nails were nail strengtheners like this one. These help quite a bit but once I take them off, my nails were back to being weak and brittle which is super annoying when I want beautiful long nails. I went ahead and took all the nail polish off and cut my nails before taking biotin to see how it will affect my nails. By the end of the month of using biotin, my nails were thicker and it stopped peeling as much! I haven't broken my nail since either!

In Conclusion

Biotin, unfortunately broke me out quite a bit. It didn't help the fact that mother nature came with her present of cramps, crankiness, and pizza face. Biotin made the breakout worse, but I was also taking a multivitamin. My nails were beautiful and strong, my skin was not happy. I am still trying to clear up my skin but I really can't do much while my hormones are not in place. I don't think biotin was worth it. I love my strong nails but I really want beautiful clear skin. So what am I going to do? Probably take biotin a couple times a week instead of every day along with lots and lots of water. If breakouts continue to be a problem, I'll cut off biotin for good.

I hope this was a useful and informative blog post for you guys! I know it wasn't the usual pictures and detailed reviews but I wanted to share my experience on the highly raved about supplement that had to do with beauty and health.

Have you guys ever taken biotin? If you guys have, what was your experience like? If you guys haven't are you willing to give it a test run?

Check out all these links I have used if you guys are going to do a little more research!
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